Tracking Keywords Locally

What Is Localized Keyword Tracking?

Tracking keywords locally means only tracking data for your keywords within a general region. Instead of only Google United States, Canada, or whichever national search engine, you can track your keywords within a specific, more precise region.

Why Do You Need Localized Tracking for SEO?

Tracking within a specific, precise region is good for your Return On Interest (ROI) because you are going to attract a higher quality, more targeted audience.

Every searcher is different - there are a few different things affecting how the search results appear for them personally. The first thing affecting the search results would be a searcher's personal search history. It is best to think of Google and other search engines as living organisms. Each time a searcher types in a query, and the more they click on different links, the more likely the search engines are going to tailor the results for that particular searcher.

Another thing that affects the search results is the general location of a search. All computers that are connected to the Internet must have an IP address. An IP address has two main functions: 1) your host or network interface identification, and 2) location addressing.

Since there are trillions of IP addresses in the world, local addressing has become crucial for SEO because search engines use that information to show relevant results. For a broad keyword, like “cupcake bakery,” there could be millions of results, but it is reasonable to assume that the searcher is looking for a cupcake bakery near their location.

As a local business, you want to target a specific location. To appear in local SERPs, you must garner local citations and backlinks. Also, a local business should focus on the placement of their name, address, and location (NAP) within their site and on citations.

How to Monitor Your Local Rankings?

To begin tracking locally, you ought to use an SEO analytical tool like Unamo SEO. Using such a tool will enable you to monitor all of your keywords positions in a specific region.

You might be surprised that regionally close cities can have the same keyword rank significantly different. It is beneficial to monitor your main city and any sub-cities which you service.

Unamo SEO offers regionalized tracking in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Austria, Poland and Germany.