Overview of Mentions & Sentiment

What is a mention?

Mentions are one of the most basic and crucial metrics of Social Media Monitoring. Basically, it is what people are saying about your brand, product, or service online. By using a social media monitoring tool like Unamo Social, you can manage all of the mentions about whatever topic you choose to monitor.

How can I monitor mentions?

You can monitor your social mentions manually, however using a social media monitoring tool makes it much easier and more efficient. With such a tool you'll be able to track and monitor the number of mentions for a specific query. Mentions can come in many forms that include:

  • Posts, shares and comments on Facebook and/or Linkedin
  • Picture descriptions (including hashtags) and comments on Instagram
  • Tweets and retweets on Twitter
  • Blog posts
  • Comments on blogs
  • Threads on forums

When monitoring your mentions it's important to analyze its sentiment first. Sentiment is the emotional load that a mention carries. Every mention can have one of the three types of sentiments: positive, neutral or negative. Depending on the situation and sentiment of a comment, you should respond to every mention in a suitable way. All types of comments can tell you something valuable about your product or clients and can truly enrich your social media analysis. Monitoring positive mentions over time, for instance, can give you great insights into what is positively benefiting your social campaign, what you are doing right in your business and what you should continue doing. It is extremely valuable feedback. Before you do anything, make sure you learn about the different types of mentions and sentiments and ways in which you can respond to each and every one.

Why is it important to react to mentions?

It’s important to react to every mention, whether it's positive, neutral or negative. Positive mentions shouldn’t be left without a reply because it's an amazing opportunity to build your brand’s positive social image and to gain true brand advocates among your happy clients. It’s an amazing way to interact with clients, improve customer service and build relationships with customers.

Mentions with negative sentiment, on the other hand, reflect your client’s dissatisfaction. Leaving them unanswered can pave the way for your competitors to offer your clients something different. Once you start reacting to every negative mention out there, not only can you save your existing clients, but you can also learn a lot about anything you still need to improve in your offer to keep your clients satisfied.