Essential knowledge and easy-to-apply tips on Online Marketing.

  • Keyword Research for Social Media

    1 tips

    Begin your keyword monitoring campaign by selecting the right keywords for your social media marketing strategy.

  • Audience Analysis

    2 tips

    Follow the tips and learn how to better analyze your audience to strengthen your social media marketing strategy.

  • Mentions

    3 tips

    Monitor how people talk about you and their feelings towards your brand.

  • Social Media Channels

    2 tips

    Tips and insights on how to monitor each social media channel for your business' benefit.

  • Customer Acquisition Through Social Media

    5 tips

    Social media is one of the best ways to acquire a customer. You can find your competitors' clients, answer potential customers' questions and more!

  • Company Image

    2 tips

    Learn all about how to promote awareness of your brand and protect it from any negative publicity on social media

  • The Basics of Social Media Monitoring

    4 tips

    Understanding the basics of Social Media Monitoring can help protect your brand’s image, promote content and even acquire new clients.

  • Przewodnik po Unamo Social Media

  • Guide to Unamo Social Media Monitoring

  • How to Optimize Your Social Media Monitoring Keywords

    With this video we'll show you how to optimize your social media keywords to filter your mentions for the most desirable results. 

  • How to Choose and Add Keywords

    Learn how to target specific mentions by choosing main and required keywords to track in your social media topic.