Session Replay with Forms

What is session replay?

Session replay is the ability to replay a visitor's session on a website or within a web application. A session counts as 1 time period a user spends on a website. The objective of session replay is to understand the visitor’s behavior while interacting on a website. Session replay is one of the best ways to identify the main problems visitors encounter when visiting a specific website’s page or within an app.

What is a form?

A form is one of the most direct ways to acquire and receive information between a user and a website. The objective for each form is different, but most of them are looking to turn a website visitor into a measurable conversion through the completion of certain calls to action such as the purchase of a product, registration for a newsletter, etc.

Analyzing Forms with Session Replay

Session replay can help detect problems with forms on your website. It's possible to see the recordings of users who actually interacted with your forms elements. By using session replay, it's possible to see exactly why and how certain visitors exited the forms, which fields made them frustrated or confused, which fields of the form are being completely ignored, f there are certain elements outside the form that are distracting the visitors when they are completing it, or if those external elements are causing visitors to abandon the website.

If your form is too long and the field completion rate decreases after a certain number of fields, it can be a great indication that you need to shorten and adjust the length of the form.  By gathering this information you can modify your form, first to improve the experience of your visitors and second convert those visitors into customers or long-term subscribers.

Session replay gives great insights about the experience of individual visitors, which might help to remove conversion barriers and help discover opportunities for the growth of your business.