Faster Workflow

Save time on manual checking and reporting by getting the visual proof you need right in your account.

  • Everyday updates

    Get daily screenshots of your rankings as they appear in both the first 10 and 100 search results.

  • All URLs

    We’ll highlight all the URLs associated with your campaign that appear in the top 100 search results.

  • Report

    Easily view or download the SERP screenshots to share them with whomever you want.

Rankings serps snapshot 490x410@2x@1x

Amplified Insights

Don’t just stop with proof. Interact with the data to go deeper into your SEO performance.

Rankings snapshot datepicker 632x330@2x 2
  • Interactive HTML

    Our SERP screenshots are fully interactive HTML pages with clickable elements like images, links, and SERP features.

  • Historical Data

    You can store your screenshots for up to 180 days to evaluate your and your competitors’ performance over time.