Multiregional Tracking

Evaluate your website’s success in different local search engines around the world.

  • Local Search Engines

    Monitor your local SEO efforts on Google in over 35,000 local search engines from around the world.

  • One Campaign. Multiple Regions

    Track your keywords in different regions of a country all in a single campaign to find new opportunities.

  • Adjustable Displays

    View and report on your keyword data however you like by filtering by region or groups in reports or the overview section.

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Dynamic Tracking

Monitor Local SERP features and different sections of your website to better categorize your local performance.

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  • Local SERP Features

    Discover when you’re ranking for valuable local and local teaser packs in addition to the 14 other SERP features that can boost your web traffic.

  • Subfolders & Subdomains

    Track any variation of subfolders or subdomains to monitor the success of different aspects of your website.