Desktop and Mobile Devices

With rankings fetched daily, we provide clients with fast and actionable results they can use immediately.

  • Daily Results

    Monitor the mobile and desktop rankings of your website all in one place.

  • Multiple Engines

    Track your site on Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo to understand your search visibility in different engines.

  • Compare

    View your mobile and desktop rankings to compare them against your competitors.

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Preferred URL

Select which URL you would like to be the primary URL to track when multiple URLs from your campaign rank for the same keyword.

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  • Every URL

    See all the URLs that appear for a given keyword and select the one you wish to track as default.

  • Daily Updates

    We’ll show you the latest rankings for each alternative link daily so you never miss any increase or drops

Deeper Analytics

With more analytics at your disposal, you’ll be able to identify opportunities and go deeper into your SEO performance.


"With much of our traffic coming from abroad and at home, Unamo SEO's advanced analytical features allow us to stay on top of our local and international SEO efforts. In the last year we've grown 160% organically thanks to their platform. " Kamil Kopyłowski, Founder of XperiencePoland

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    SERP Features

    See which other SERP Features appear with your keywords so you can identify opportunities.

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    Search Volume

    See how many times a keyword is searched for per month.

  • Traffic Estimations

    Understand your estimated web traffic for a keyword based on its rankings and the keyword’s search volume.