Social Reach

What is Social Reach?

Social Reach is the potential number of views a specific post could receive on social media. Social reach is considered a basic metric in social media campaigns because companies want to reach the widest audience possible that will get them the best results. With social reach, it is important to focus on a 'target' group to wield the best results.

Social media marketing is also about helping as many people as possible learn about your brand and get them interested in a product or offer. If the people reached by the campaign are in the ‘target’ group, then the campaign has a higher chance to be successful. 

Social reach indicators can show how many users you have reached and how many times the content was viewed.

Types of Social Reach

Social reach can be:

There are different types of social reach that you ought to monitor when analyzing your social media strategy. These include:

  • Organic reach (free)
  • Paid reach (adverts)

The effectiveness of each of them depends on the strategy and on which social media channel is being used.

Social reach is also the frequency of contact, so how many times in a given period the average customer got in contact with the brand. For example, with Facebook it is easy to calculate by dividing the number of hits / views in a given period by the total reach. As a result, you find out whether the average consumer saw your posts 20 or 10 times, during a given time period.

Free Social Reach Indicators

The free social reach indicators are:

  • The number of followers (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Profile followers (Twitter)
  • The number of channel subscribers (YouTube)

However, gaining an effective reach is not that easy. For example the last algorithm change on Facebook caused significant declines in organic reach. Currently, only a small percent of followers can see the content posted on a fanpage. Increasing the number of fans and followers once led to a large increase of social reach, but today it doesn’t carry the same weight. In many communication profiles, they are increasing the role of sponsored posts, so that content can reach users who are not following the specific fanpage. It’s definitely worth paying attention to the number of fans, followers and subscribers, but what’s more important are the indicators, which describes the actual coverage.

A business looking to increase their social media reach will typically try to create engaging posts or they will look towards social influencers to boost brand awareness and get others interest in the product or offer.

Why is Social Reach Important for Businesses?

With social media, businesses can now reach users on the platforms that they are guaranteed to be and interact directly with them. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, they can now monitor the direct impact of their campaigns and figure out exactly which channel brought them the best leads. Furthermore, using social influencers, they are able to pay to expand their reach to an audience that trusts the poster.

Social media is used by billions of people. It helps influence visitors and gain potential clients. People constantly share, retweet, and repost content, which can promote products, blogs, and/or businesses. It’s also crucial to monitor what users are currently interested in and their needs, which is all possible through social media.

By expanding their reach, businesses can get discovered easier by the right audience. Brands can become better known, which can help establish trust faster and thus increase their conversions as a result.

How Do I Measure Social Reach?

When a post is first published, the reach is calculated by the potential audience size of the initial sharer. Once there is engagement on a post (like a retweet, share, etc.), the reach increases according to the new audience size.

Once there is engagement, calculating social reach manually can be difficult. Luckily, social media monitoring platforms, like Unamo Social, can make it easy!

Unamo Social calculates social reach by analyzing the poster's profile size and the typical engagement of their posts. By using this data, Unamo Social can estimate the potential reach of a social.

In Unamo Social we show you who is mentioning your business and the author’s reach. You will be also able to see the estimated money equivalent that you would have to spend (for example by paying a blogger or hiring an agency) in order to achieve a specific amount of potential reach. This can help to formulate marketing campaigns and save money. It’s also a great tool to suggest which author it is good to reach out to, or on which website it’s good to publish your content.