Social Media Monitoring and Listening

The Difference Between Social Media Monitoring and Listening

Social media monitoring is the process of gathering data on the things that are happening on social media channels and other public areas of the web, where any type of user-generated content (comments, shares, tweets) can be found.

Social media listening is the process of analyzing and understanding the patterns that appear in such interactions and then drawing conclusions that can help when making your marketing strategy and business in general better and more successful.

Social media monitoring and listening are very often used interchangeably. Therefore, for consistency, in this article we will refer to the entire process of getting and analyzing data from social media channels as social media monitoring.

Why Is Social Media Monitoring Important for Any Business?

Social media monitoring can bring you some great benefits, including:

  • Protecting your brand’s reputation by making sure no negative comment is left unanswered
  • Increasing your brand’s recognition by connecting with your audience and becoming an expert in your niche
  • Acquiring new clients and making sure the current ones remain happy by following their conversations and reacting when possible
  • Understanding your audience and setting new target groups by taking a closer look at who’s engaged the most with finding solutions to the problems you can solve with your product or service
  • Doing research on new product development by monitoring trends of topics increasing in popularity
  • Drawing inspiration from your competition in order to make better decisions by benchmarking the competition's growth on multiple platforms
  • Promoting your content by reaching out to influencers in your niche etc.

The list goes on and the reasons why you should focus on social media monitoring are seemingly endless. That is because with the right mindset and clear goal, you can achieve incredible results that will help your business grow in many different aspects.

How to monitor social media to get the best results?

To monitor social media, you will need a social media monitoring tool that helps you both monitor and listen to any type of interaction happening online, in order to get some valuable insights.

In order to get the best results with your social media monitoring, you need to start with picking the right social media queries with proper keywords to monitor. Adjusting your account is crucial; otherwise, you will clutter your feed with lots of spammy websites and data you don’t know how to begin analyzing.

When it comes it monitoring social media queries there isn’t a one-size fits all solution. You have to start with the basics and learn as you go. Begin with something basic, your brand name (all variations and misspellings), a promotional campaign name, or your catchphrase. After that, try something a bit more in depth, like the the niche or industry you are in. Social tools ought to work quickly and it will show you many results obtaining those keywords.

At first, the results which appear can seem disjointed and unactionable. However, you can weed out the irrelevant results by properly setting up the social media queries to monitor and applying the filters efficiently. Ensuring a proper setup of your social media monitoring account will give you a lot of solid data to analyze.

Obtaining Insights via Social Media Monitoring

The data collected on social media is only powerful when you put it to use. It can help shape the strategy of your business and product by listening to current customers and customers' of competitors. It can also help you formulate a strong marketing strategy to increase awareness and trust.

To act upon this properly, it is important to know what variables to analyze:

  • Who is your current audience? Is this the right one for your business?
  • In what direction is your competition developing?
  • Which social platforms is your audience active on?
  • Is your marketing strategy focused on the right platform?
  • What are some untapped content ideas I can write about?
  • And much, much more.

Make sure you pick a monitoring tool that can help you in understanding these insights, and your success will be at a hand.