Brand Protection

Protecting Your Brand on Social Media

Using social media for brand protection is the process of monitoring your business' brand on social media to prevent losses in income, retain and increase customer trust, and manage your reputation among consumers and industry peers. Brand protection is considered one of the most important aspects in running any business as all of your efforts to build a reputable brand--from product development to marketing to customer service-- can be quickly and severely damaged on social media if you don't monitor it carefully. 

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Why is Protecting My Brand Important?

With the ever growing participation on social media from people all over the world, every mention of your brand or interaction among consumers has the chance to go viral and reach millions. Through social media monitoring, you can manage your reputation and protect your brand from any disgruntled customers or even in some cases criminal or disreputable activities that are trying to damage it. 

Here are three reasons to protect your brand.

Prevent Revenue Loss

As businesses are highly competitive these days, you have to ensure that you retain your customers however you can and prevent other businesses from poaching them online. It's been said that it costs anywhere from 4-10 times more money to acquire a new customer than it does to retain and upsell to an existing one. 

Online consumers are very vocal when it comes to their satisfaction about a product. If they express any dissatisfaction, you can bet that your competitors are watching and will do their best to acquire them from you. That is why it's extremely vital to respond to any comments or inquiries about your brand online before your competitors do.

This is even more important as there have been numerous criminal activities from brand pirating, fraud, counterfeiting, and more. There have been numerous documented cases about fake brand accounts luring consumers into shady business dealings. By constantly monitoring every social media channel you can, you reduce the risk of being a victim from these harmful activities. 

When creating your brand's social media profile, identify any fraudulent accounts and report them to the social media platform immediately before they cause any damage. 

Increase and Retain Customer Trust

Having a robust and visible presence across a variety of social media channels increases the trust in your brand for consumers. This doesn't mean to just spam them with opportunities and deals; you have to act and respond to inquiries even if they don't represent qualified leads. By simply being a leader and expert in your field, consumers will remember you and place trust in your brand. 

You can expedite this by responding to any mentions or queries quickly before someone else does. This way, you have the chance to be the spark that ignites serious and valuable discussions among social media users with your brand right in the middle of it. 

People respond well to transparency, thus having your brand actively participating on social media is a great way to build awareness about it. The content you post doesn't always need to be informational; you can have fun and engage with users in a lighthearted way as well to humanize your brand. If your brand is active in your community, share it with others so they can see that it's not always just about the profits. 

Social media channels are huge platforms that have large audiences who will see you interacting with consumers even if they aren't specifically looking to do so. Thus, use these outlets to your advantage. 

Manage Your Reputation

Comments and mentions about your brand, whether good or bad, can have a lasting impact on how people perceive it. Social media use has exponentially grown over the past few years and people have used it as a platform to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction correspondingly. Thus, you should be an active participant in every comment or mention that features your brand so you can control the situation.

The last thing you want is for negative feedback or mentions to go viral. By being quick in your response time and humble in your message, you can mitigate any damage before it spirals out of control. 

Always be respectful and considerate of consumer problems and queries. However, if you feel strongly that someone is hurting your brand without a good reason, you should react in a way that defends your brand while still remaining humble. 

How Can I Protect My Brand on Social Media?

Use a social media monitoring tool like Unamo Social Media so that you don't miss public interactions that feature your brand name. You can go to the "Alerts" section so that every mention of your brand is sent straight to your inbox and you can react to protect your reputation. In the "Mentions" section you can filter to see only negative mentions and respond to them in quickly. 

Also, it's a good idea to protect your brand from the people within your business as much as people from outside of it. Creating social media policies that outline your company's persona and tactics on social media is a great way to insure that none of your employees post content that you don't agree with. Furthermore, setting up an account to have verification processes for posting can be a good way to make sure that a disgruntled employee doesn't post any damaging content on their way out. 

To protect yourself from outside entities attempting to harm your brand, make sure you have intricate passwords that are difficult to guess. You should also comb through major social media outlets on a regular basis to try and find any fake accounts that are pretending to be your businesses'. 

If you create a fun hashtag that is relevant to a campaign or your business, make sure that it can't be interpreted to work against you

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All of these practices are extremely vital to maintain a positive presence for your brand on social media. All it takes is one negative post or trend to go viral against your business to do serious damage. By keeping an eye on everything related to your brand and responding quickly, you can ensure the safety of your brand's reputation.