White-Hat Link-Earning Techniques

White-Hat Link-Earning Techniques to Implement

Link-earning is the art of obtaining backlinks for your website, with the end goal being to rank higher in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). By obtaining as many high-quality backlinks as possible, search engine crawlers can discover your site more quickly, deem your site to be more valuable and relevant for searchers, and will therefore rank your site higher.

White-hat SEO techniques abide by search engine guidelines, and will allow you to climb up in the rankings and stay there long-term. White-hat SEO places emphasis on optimizing sites for humans, not search engines. The strategies discussed in this article are how you should approach link-earning; ensure that you don't earn backlinks the black-hat SEO way.

Donate to Charities or Sponsor Events

Look for local events or charities to donate to or sponsor, since it's very common practice now to be displayed on their website if a sizable donation is made. The key here is to choose the organization wisely, and ensure that the organization you give your money to is related to your business somehow - even if it's just physical proximity. That way, you are acquiring better link juice from more relevant sites, and are gaining traffic from audiences that are similar to your target market - meaning they are more likely to convert.

Charities often have very credible sites too, and that means great link juice to pass on! Not only that, but will be truly helping others.This is also a great boost for your brand image to be associated with helping out the local community, and you may even garner some third-party media coverage.

Guest Blog, and Make Sure it's High-Quality!

One of the most well-known ways, since day one, to earn backlinks is guest-blogging. As such, this tactic has been abused, in that mainly, guest-blogging has turned into a technique to gain backlinks without care for the quality of content written (basically, spam). Search engines have since set stronger criteria in considering what is a high-quality guest blog, which of course is what determines the quality of link-juice the guest blogger will receive.

A legitimate guest-blog post should include content that is high-quality, new, and relevant to the readers of the host website. Hear it from Google's Matt Cutts himself.

All in all, high-quality guest blogging is still highly relevant today and is a great way to obtain quality backlinks. Would a credible website that values its precious link-juice allow spammy guest-bloggers to post, anyways? Of course not, so be sure to learn about how to do proper outreach for guest blogging on our blog!

Build Relationships with industry peers and experts

As a part of any long-term solution, developing a network with industry peers and experts is a crucial part of any SEO strategy, including link-earning. The constant connection with your peers and industry experts is a mutually beneficial one; you will be kept in-the-know with their knowledge, and they will be kept-in-the-know with your business as well. This means that they may see your new blog post, for example, and give you a backlink without being prompted to do so.

Even if you ask first, the chances of getting a 'yes' from someone you know is much higher than from a cold-call. Relationships take some time and effort to build, but once established, you will just need to maintain them. Say goodbye to constant outreaches and cold-calls.

Seek out Brand Mentions and Ensure They are Linked

Search for your brand maybe link to citations?in the search engines to see if another site has talked about your brand - you may be surprised to see that they may have talked about you but didn't embed a link! Visit the page to ensure that they've given you a link, and if not, nicely reach out and ask to to be linked. It may be simply that they just forgot to give you a link.

If that's not the case, they've already talked about you anyway - there's no harm in reaching out to ask to be linked. Generally speaking, adding links to mentioned brands makes it more convenient for users and makes for a better user experience, so there is some incentive for them to link to you.

We will continuously build on these tips as time goes on. Do you have successful strategies that you love and want to share? Let us know!

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