What to Do When You Lose Backlinks

What are the reasons for losing backlinks?

Nothing is more troubling than the loss of high-quality backlinks that you've worked so hard to earn over time. Here are some of the reasons why you might lose backlinks:

  • The original link was removed or edited Webmasters might edit the content on their sites to keep their content fresh by replacing the links or shortening the content in general. As a result, they might remove some of the links to your content. Some sites have been known to remove old backlinks after a period of time for fear of incurring a Google penalty.
  • HTTP 404 The original page with the links to your site could get deleted, reasons being that the webmaster might have decided he no longer wants that page for unspecified reasons. It could also be because of a change in their site's URL structure that resulted in the loss of a page.
  • *HTTP 301*https://unamo.com/university/tips/seo-101/http-301-and-302-redirects Webmasters may redirect their pages, leaving your links behind. This usually happens when there's a site revamp going on.
  • *No-follow*https://unamo.com/university/tips/backlinks/nofollow-vs-follow-links The link to your content might have been changed to a 'no-follow' link to prevent any negative link profile effects on the original site - to which case you should probably check on the reasons why your link has been changed to 'no-follow'.

Why you need not panic when you lose a backlink

Backlink losses can be easily rectified by contacting the relevant webmasters for the links in question. Depending on the length of time a backlink has disappeared, it will not affect your search rankings instantly, so you have plenty of time to solve the situation.

However, understand that not all backlinks can be 'regained'. If this is the case, you should probably look at gaining more backlinks and improving your links earning strategies.

How to regain a lost backlink?

Here are some ways to regain the backlinks you've lost:

  1. Get in touch with the webmaster to find out why the link has been lost. If online contact doesn't work, go direct by calling the relevant person to rectify the situation.
  2. Social media contact is also another method toof contact the webmaster should other contact methods not work. This may even be quicker, depending on how frequent the webmaster uses social media for communications.
  3. Sometimes the webmaster might not be aware of this link loss. Notify the webmaster that the page no longer exists.
  4. In the case of old content, offer to refresh the content by providing an update or something completely new that is relevant that benefits the webmaster.
  5. If your link has become a 'no-follow', have a chat with the webmaster and explain the positive benefits both sides can get for having a 'do-follow' link where great content is involved.

Remember: you want to make the links valuable for the webmaster. It shouldn't be about all about your link and not providing any value to the webmaster at all.