The Basics of Google's Panda Update

google panda update

The Panda Update was a significant Google algorithm update which was first released in February 2011. Its name came from Google’s engineer, Navneet Panda, who invented the update.

Panda wanted to get rid of all the low-quality websites and make it possible for high-quality websites to climb up the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to provide the best results to Google’s users.

How to not get hit by the Panda Update?

To Google, high-quality means many things; some of the requirements being:

  • The content on the website has to be written by a person who is an expert in a specific field
  • There shouldn’t be spammy backlinks pointing to the website
  • There cannot be any duplicate content
  • The website has to be trustworthy for the visitors, e.g. they have to feel safe when giving out their private data like credit card information
  • The content has to be written correctly, without any blatant spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • The website has to have low bounce rates

Recovering from Panda

Panda puts an emphasis on the quality of both the content and backlinks. Therefore, if you were hit by Panda or if you want to prevent it, you should focus on: