Mobile Rankings in Unamo SEO

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Mobile Keyword Ranking Tracking is now available in Unamo (formerly Positionly)!

In 2015, Google released Mobilegeddon, a new part of their ranking algorithm that would give a boost to mobile-friendly sites. SEOers everywhere began updating their sites to become more mobile friendly. Since then, the amount of searches from mobile have continuously grown. Now the majority of online searches are done through mobile devices, not through desktops.

Google’s ultimate goal as a company is to give its users a positive experience and they reward sites that are mobile friendly. Therefore, to fit their users’ needs, Google has begun to prioritize its search results index with mobile first, then desktop.

Understanding the Search Engine Rankings of Desktop vs. Mobile Results

As an SEO marketer, it is important to monitor both desktop and mobile rankings simultaneously. By doing this, you can better identify keyword opportunities and ways of optimizing your content to outrank your competitor.

Unamo SEO provides you with the capabilities to compare both desktop and mobile rankings against your competitors, in an unlimited number of domains and search engines.

With this, you will notice exactly which page is ranking better and getting more traffic for keywords with higher search volume in the search engines.

You can monitor this historically overtime for both groups and individual keywords; giving you a heads up if mobile first-index is really affecting your online presence and overall traffic. However, for now you can only track for mobile rankings with Google in Unamo SEO. 

Monitoring Mobile and Desktop Back-to-Back

With Google indexing mobile first, you need to watch how quickly your positions are indexed for mobile and then how quickly after for desktop. With Unamo SEO, it is possible to compare both device results and their SERP links for each individual keyword and their respective groups.

With these results, you will have insights into the trends on mobile vs desktop searches, and how both are mutually related to your overall traffic. Using the SERP URLs, you can monitor if mobile responsive pages are affecting your overall appearance in the engines, and which pages to focus your attention on immediately.

With Google focusing more on mobile indexing, it is important to monitor the historical trends of your keywords performance. This will enable you to make better SEO decisions and monitor if all your hard work is paying off.

A Sophisticated and Beautiful Mobile Rank Tracking Software

Our mobile rank tracking software allows for you to stay up-to-date with trends on your keywords. In Unamo SEO, you can track keywords in unlimited domains and campaigns. In each, you can decide to track in just mobile or desktop, but you can also track your keywords for all devices.

In our mobile rank tracking, the mobile results can be shown for organic results, video results, and the top-3 local snack pack. You can easily analyze the results and come up with better ways to outrank your competitors. With Unamo SEO, you can track mobile and desktop results in local search engines for Google in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Canada Austria and Australia.

The mobile rank data is still the same great data that you’ve come to expect from Positionly, but in a new platform, Unamo SEO. The keyword rank tracking is still done on a daily basis for both desktop and mobile results.