Create Great Value with Unique Content

What is unique content?

Unique content is any kind of relevant, fresh, original content that is created from scratch, and offers great value to readers. Although some unique content might draw references or be inspired from other forms of content, it usually maintains a certain level of freshness, originality, and most importantly - relevance.

Content can come in many different forms - the popular ones being:

  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Case studies

Learn more about other kinds of content types that you can try out for your content marketing strategies.

Why create unique content?

Search engines value high-quality, unique content that provides great answers to search queries. It is considered one of the most important search ranking factors in Google, so you’ll want to ensure your content is fantastic.

On top of creating such content for better search rankings, unique content also gives visitors a reason to share it with others, and also helps earn backlinks for you as a result.

With more high-quality backlinks to your content, your search rankings will improve.

How do you ensure your content is unique and valuable?

To stay on track and ensure your content is both unique and valuable to your visitors, you should:

  • Research your target audience and understand what they really need help with
  • Check out what your competitors are doing to better understand what content already exists
  • Find your niche to fill up areas that are lacking in quality content
  • Do your keyword research to find out what keywords will work for your content
  • Decide on the channels you want to put your content in (aside from your website)
  • Create appropriate types of content that work best for your niche
  • Ensure that the content created is very relevant to the selected keywords - and your product or service

At the end of the day, search engines just want to return high quality results to people’s search queries. Create the original content that would give valuable insights to what visitors are looking for, and it will be a major boost for your search rankings.