Building Backlinks with Unamo SEO

Monitoring your own backlink sources

A backlink source is the page where a backlink comes from. Understanding backlink sources helps you understand the website which most commonly link to your site and what types of websites most frequently visit your site and find your content useful!

In the backlink section of Unamo SEO, we show you the exact page of a website that is giving your website a backlink. By clicking on the domain under the Source column, you will be directed to that page, so that you can check out what they're saying about your business.

backlinks source example unamoBacklink Source Column in Unamo SEO

Understanding the Backlink Source for Better Backlink Building

The quality of your backlinks is a huge ranking factor

A good source should be a high-quality website that’s relevant to your business, so that the link juice passed on may help boost your rankings. Alternately, if there are a lot of poor quality and spammy sites linking to you, it may harm your rankings. It is important to understand what constitutes as a high-quality backlink and do backlink building the right way.

Check out if what they are saying about you is true

Go to the source and read about what they’re saying about your brand. Is it true? Sometimes people can misstate information, whether intentionally or not, and it can even be as simple as misspelling your business name. Of course, you’d want the correct information out there, so you can reach out to the author or webmaster to nicely ask them to correct it if any mistakes occur.

Use the source as inspiration

You may be surprised about the website linking to you; maybe they’re in a totally different industry than you, for example. Find out what they’re saying and why they gave you that backlink, and you may find that what you thought was irrelevant for your business is actually relevant, after all. By understanding the sources of your backlinks, you can gain ideas for targeting new audiences, entering new markets, and developing new ideas for backlink building.

Use the source as an opportunity to build relationships

Relationship-building with your peers in your industry is one of the best long-term white-hat SEO strategies. Take the opportunity to check out the site which is linking to you, and find the contact info of the author or webmaster to thank them for the backlink. This is a great first step to starting a conversation to successfully build a relationship. You are much more likely to get a reply when the content is still fresh, so be sure to check out your Inbound Links section weekly and go to the source!

Discovering competitors' backlink sources

In Unamo SEO, you have unlimited domains that you can monitor. To see the backlink sources of your competitors' site, add them as a new domain and add only one keyword to not eat up your keyword limit. You will be able to spy on your competitors and monitor any backlinks which they receive.

You will be able to see where your competitors acquire their links and reach out to them. You can use their backlinks as inspiration for content. You can see which of your competitors' backlinks are the most powerful and who is writing about them the most.

Using your competitors' backlink sources, you can begin reaching out to those writing about them and showing them your high-quality material. This can help with both brand recognition and backlink building.