Barnacle SEO: The What, Why, and How

What is Barnacle SEO?

Coined by Will Scott, Barnacle SEO is the process of getting your brand name ranked within in the SERPs by using websites that are not your own. Your site can rank well on other sites like Yelp, Tripadvisor, Facebook, Zomato, etc. It is about leveraging the power of these authoritative sites to trust your brand name to be ranking on valuable search engine real estate. You must allow these sites to bring you conversions indirectly.

Why is Barnacle SEO Important?

Roughly over 90% of the traffic goes to the first page of a Search Engine, which means that the first page is the most important page for you to try to rank on. Authoritative sites will help you rock the first page of a search engine for your brand.

You are able to try to rank for extremely difficult keywords using their power. For instance, the keyword “italian restaurant San Antonio” is extremely competitive in organic search since it has over 62 million results! After the organic map results, the first page is full of directory listings and review sites, not homepages of different italian restaurants.

You ought to use this to your advantage and try to rank in these sites and allow them to bring you conversions and traffic.

How Do You Use Barnacle SEO?

To begin ranking on these pages, make sure you keep your listings on directory, social media and review sites up-to-date. It never hurts to monitor how those sites are ranking for your keywords. This can give you great ideas of how to optimize your pages on those sites with stronger authority.

Also, never be afraid to reach out to other sites and ask them to try you out. Once they try you out, they may be willing to give you reviews. Top 10 lists get updated regularly - you want to remain fresh in the writer’s mind!

With Unamo SEO, you can monitor the larger sites as competitors and see which SERP link appears for the keywords on their site. This can eliminate guessing about where to target your efforts.