Social Proof Design

What is Social Proof?

Social proof for conversion rate optimization is highlighting the positive experiences from customers that use your products or services. They are a great way to influence and persuade potential clients that your products or services can benefit them as well. Social proof is instrumental in providing users with evidence that your business is trustworthy and worth their time and money to use.

Types of Social Proof

There are many different kinds of social proof you can showcase on your website to instill trust in users regarding your brand. Social proof can come in the form of:

  • Testimonials - short or long quotes or videos from people that have benefited from using your product
  • Case Studies - specific testimonials that show exactly how people used your product or service to solve a problem
  • Number of shares or likes - numerical values of shares or likes on social media that are directly related to your brand
  • Positive social mentions - of your brand on the news, social media, or review websites
  • Number of downloads or subscribers - how many subscribers or downloads you have generated
  • Client Logo Banners - logos of businesses that use your product

Why is Social Proof Important?

Social proof provides users with confirmation that other people or businesses have benefited from using your product or services. From a psychological standpoint, social validation is evident across a multitude of aspects from the clothing people wear to the cars they drive to the restaurants they eat at. The more people that use a product or service, the safer and more trustworthy it is in the minds of many consumers. 

Expressing the value of your business from the viewpoints of other customers allows for consumers who are not familiar with your brand to have a certain amount of trust in your brand even before doing extensive research about what your business offers. Thus, it's important to gain and highlight social proof in your landing page design in an attractive and convincing way. 

What Kinds of Social Proof Should I Implement On My Website?

The type of social proof you choose to display will determine how you implement it on your landing pages and website. Thus, here are the types of social proof you can implement to positively affect your conversion rates on a given page. 


User text testimonials that appear on a landing page can be a great way to streamline trust with your visitors. Short quotes from consumers or business figures are an effective way to show satisfaction with your product in a space efficient manner. If you do use short testimonials, try to incorporate photos of the people you're quoting to give them a face that people can sympathize with instead of having a block of text that can't be attributed to an actual person. Place these testimonials in positions where they are sure to be seen. If you're using longer landing pages, use scroll heatmaps to see the average of how far down users are exploring each landing page and optimize your testimonials accordingly. 

testimonials image example

Video testimonials are also very efficient ways of gaining trust in your brand from users. These videos can be embedded as banner images or in other prominent places on a page. Just make sure that they are embedded correctly and do not take long times to load or slow down the page as a whole. Place them where they can be easily found and watched. 

When choosing testimonials, it's best to choose ones that are from the most recognizable people or brands. Having any celebrity or prominent business testimonials can be a huge boost in trust and should be showcased accordingly. Just make sure that the testimonials are genuine and reflect the value that your product or service provides. Never fabricate or falsify any testimonials. 

Case Studies

If your product or service was extremely helpful in solving a problem for your consumers, ask them to document their experience with your product. Statistical evidence coupled with the journey of having a problem and fixing it can go a long way to convince people that your product is the solution to similar problems they may have had. You can implement short descriptions of the case study on a landing page or have a section of your website devoted entirely to it. 

Case studies can also be beneficial from an SEO perspective in that when users search for that company, the case study for that company can show up in the results page and illustrate how this company benefited from your product. Also, the case study can feature keywords that may show up in search results and highlight your products features that they used to solve whatever problems they faced that were fixed by your product. 

Numbers Of Shares Or Likes On Social Media

With the extremely high usage of social media it can be very useful to showcase your social reach with likes or shares. A high amount of either can show a genuine use and admiration of your product that is authentic and hasn't been asked of or paid for. This is a great way to save space on a landing page as they can be small and placed efficiently. 

Positive Social Mentions

Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, or other social media snippets of mentions or reviews of your brand or products can be a great way to show trust in your business. These can be on a carousel that users can manually cycle through, automated to show a high amount at once, or stationary images that show a variety of ways your product has helped a user base. 

positive social mentions

You can monitor your social media mentions and presence with Unamo Social to manage your social media presence and keep track of the most influential people who mention you. 

Number of Downloads, Subscribers, or Customers

Some websites display a count of their number of downloads, subscribers, or customers to show just how widespread the use of their services or products are. These are often interactively optimized to show real time data, so that site visitors can see new downloads or customers joining in real time. Having a high amount of downloads or customers can reinforce the idea that a lot of people are finding your products valuable. 

This can also be placed in prominent locations on a landing page as they don't take up too much room. Just ensure that they are easily seen by visitors.

Logos Of Businesses That Use Your Product

Some websites utilize banners of the businesses that use their products or services. Since readers typically read in an F-shaped pattern from left to right, it's a good idea to put the most prominent and recognizable going from left to right. When users see that high-profile and successful companies use your product, they can assume that since your product worked for these companies, it can work for theirs as well. 

business banner social proof example


  • Trust can be built via social proof as a vital way to show visitors who are not aware of your brand that others find your products or services valuable
  • Testimonials should be personalized with images and show a distinct problem that your business helped fix. 
  • Case studies should highlight the journey of one company using your product and how it fixed a specific problem for them. 
  • Shares or likes on social media can be a great way for visitors to see how useful people find your brand on platforms that they are familiar with. 
  • Positive social mentions and reviews give personalized accounts of how people interacted with your brand.
  • The number of downloads, subscribers, or customers is a great way to show how widespread the use of your products or services are.
  • Business banner logos of clients that work with you are space efficient ways to show that prominent companies value your business. 

What Kind of Proof Should I Use?

Don't know what type of social proof to use? A/B test different kinds of social proof on your website to see which generates the most conversions. Implement them in a space efficient manner that strengthens your calls-to-action. Choose the ones that reinforce the value of your products or services the most to illustrate how effective your product or service is as a solution to consumer problems.