Scroll Heatmaps

What is a Scroll Heatmap?

A scroll heatmap is an analytical tool used to understand how far the visitors are scrolling down on a specific page of your site.

By using this type of heatmap, you can learn if the length of the page is optimal but also whether some sections of the page are just ignored all together.

How is Data Presented in a Scroll Heatmap?

Usually, visitor interactions are represented with horizontal, colored bars. Normally, heatmap softwares use hot colors (dark red, red, orange) to show the areas with the most interactions, and ‘cold’ colors (green and blue) to show the areas with less activity.

scroll heatmaps unamo example

Why are Scroll Heatmaps Important?

Scroll Heatmaps present a unique opportunity to know if the key page content should be modified and moved in order to improve the effectiveness and functionality of the webpage. Moreover, it is possible to know which pages require longer content and which pages require only a short description with the objective of improving the visitor's online experience.  

For example, after analyzing the scroll heatmaps data, you may discover that content at the top of page is getting a lot of attention, and the bottom of the page is being viewed only by a small fraction of visitors. Using this information, you can place key calls-to-action in the highly viewed area or other important content you want visitors to see.