Introduction to Forms

What are Forms?

A form is way to communicate and/or acquire information between a user and a business or service.  Their goal is to turn website visitors into prospects or paying customers and are usually the last step in any conversion funnel.

Types of Forms

Depending on your conversion goals, there are different forms you will use. There are three types of forms:

  • Registration forms permit users to join your online community or sign up for services. Things like newsletter subscriptions, instagram, or any other application that requires your information to sign up are registration forms.

registration forms example


  • Transaction forms are used when people purchase services or products from a website.

transaction forms example

  • Data submission forms are forms that require data to be filled in before they can be submitted such as online forum submissions, email templates, filters, etc.

data submissions form example

Why are forms important?

Forms are typically the point of conversion for users and the last step in the conversion funnel, thus they need to be optimized for the utmost conversion performance. To bring visitors and potential prospects to this stage in the conversion funnel and not have them convert makes the rest of your marketing campaigns pointless.

Based on your website’s goals, apply the appropriate form and use form conversion metrics to test and ultimately increase your form’s conversion rates.