Form Analytics

What is Form Analytics?

Form analytics (or form testing) are tools that demonstrate how users interact with forms on your website and provide actionable data. This data comes in the form of time spent in a specific field, which fields are the last that visitors interacted with, and how many times a user revisits a field. You can use these metrics to identify and fix holes in your forms that affect your conversion funnel.  

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What metrics are used in Form Analytics?

There are many different metrics used to analyze and improve your form’s conversion rate.

Exit Rate

Exit rate is the rate at which users abandon a given field without interacting with it. A user may abandon a field because:

  • they don’t trust the website with the information that’s being asked for
  • they don’t understand what is being asked of them 
  • they simply don’t feel that the information that’s asked of them is relevant to their submission or subscription, such as a recipe website asking for their phone number.

If you have a high exit rate in a given field, you can A/B test these issues to find good solutions such as:

  • changing the label 
  • deleting the field
  • switching to a drop down with fixed choices

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Tips to Reduce Your Exit Rate

A few steps you can take to try and reduce the exit rate for certain fields is to:

  • Make sure your labels are clear and concise. Users need to know what is being asked of them.
  • Reduce clutter or non-relevant content, items, or media around the field to reduce stress on the user’s eyes and minimize distractions
  • Use only the bare minimum amount of fields you need to achieve your goal. Excessive fields that are not extremely relevant should be left out of the form.

Time Spent in a Form Field

See which form fields are taking the most time to complete. This metric gives you active and total time spent on any given field which can highlight customer problems with providing the requested information.

Visitors on the forms page have essentially reached the last stage of your conversion funnel; thus, any frustration with fields that take too long to complete can result in a high exit rate for that field and a lower conversion rate.

time spent in a form field

Tips to Reduce Time Spent in a Field

  • Use dropdown menus only when necessary, e.g. with countries, months, business types, etc., When you have less than 4 available choices for a field, radio buttons are more applicable and user-friendly.
  • Use email addresses instead of usernames as people sometimes take too long to think of their own username or the username they desire is already taken.
  • If users are using your forms via mobile, make sure the keyboard adjusts to the field, e.g. letters, numbers, and @ symbols for emails and passwords.

Field Revisits

Revisiting metrics let you know what fields have been revisited the most by users. 

A high number of revisits can be caused by:

  • Users not understanding what is being asked of them
  • A lack of a label or placeholder that tells them what information is supposed to be given in the field after they click on it.
  • Specific information that is already in the database like repeat usernames and/or weak passwords. 

You can remedy this by asking for users to input emails instead of creating their own usernames and specifically tell them what kind of characters their passwords should contain, ideal length, etc.

Make sure the information you’re asking for is clear, relevant, and if there are any mistakes that the error messages specify the exact problem as much as possible.


  • Form analytics are tools that demonstrate how users interact with forms on your website
  • Using metrics to find conversion blockers can help pinpoint holes in your conversion funnel and assist in strategies to remedy them. 
  • In order to improve your form conversion rates try to:
    • limit the number of fields in the form
    • use radio buttons or if really necessary, dropdown menus
    • use email addresses instead of usernames
    • make the fields understandable and easy to answer