Unamo | Social Media Monitoring Tool

  • Real-time Results

    We’ll populate your feed with mentions as they occur naturally so you can respond quickly and effectively

  • Actionable Analytics

    Measure the success and potential of your marketing campaigns with built-in social media KPIs like reach, interactions, popularity, and sentiment.

  • Simple Interface

    Our clients enjoy our easy-to-use interface that combines advanced metrics with simple usability for a great user experience.

  • Market Insights

    Use industry specific keywords to monitor trends within your niche to stay a step ahead of your market competition.


By using our boolean search operators you can build smart queries to monitor the most relevant mentions about your brand or topics of interest with great accuracy.

  • Brand Protection

    Get mentions of your brand in real-time and respond to users to keep a positive brand image on the social media platforms that matter most.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Follow mentions about your competitors to find lead generation opportunities, gain insights on their strategy, and outperform their success.

  • Trends

    Stay on top of trending content and hashtags across each social media platform to identify opportunities to adapt them to your social media marketing strategy.

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Discover with who and where your brand has the most clout on social media with our in-depth analytical features.

  • Influencer Tracking

    Find the top influencers talking about your brand, products, or industry on each channel and sort by their popularity, reach, or mentions.

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  • Social Channels

    Break down your results by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to see the top influencers and mentions, sentiment, and the popularity of your topics.

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  • Word Cloud

    Visualize the words that appear most frequently in context with your query to gain insights on the chatter around your topic of interest.

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Know Your Audience

Understand your target audience by gathering information on their location and interests to have a stronger marketing focus from content to design.

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Get actionable quantitative data on how different people feel about your brand or industry to measure and build your social media marketing strategy with definitive data.

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  • Sentiment Analysis

    Understand whether the sentiment of mentions about your brand or industry are positive, neutral, or negative.

  • Audience Analysis

    Find out if your brand or products are reaching the right audiences at the right time with our audience analysis features.


  • David martynowski.2x 1

    "Having a simple interface and detailed analysis of the acquired data that is easily understood makes Unamo Social Media an easy tool to use for every marketer. Enjoy!"

    David Martynowski

    CEO of United Titans

  • Vdrpxz7j 400x400

    "Unamo Social Media is a perfect match for our daily agency tasks. Apart from tracking daily mentions across social media channels, it helps us to determine the Estimated Ad Equivalent of monitored topics. Combining this with the possibility to compare selected projects, we get a full analysis of a subject or an event. It’s crucial for us as an agency, for our clients and for the third parity media utilizing our final reports and surveys."

    Maks Michalczak

    PR Manager at Abanana & Eura7

  • Qosiswna 400x400 1

    "What we value the most in Unamo Social Media, is the highest quality of a customer service, who always replies to our queries with a great patience. The tool allows us to view relevant and advanced data for our agency purposes, including Estimated Add Equivalent, while the panel itself is very intuitive and simple to use. It’s crucial to us, that our clients are also happy to use the solution."

    Łukasz Kępiński

    CEO of Tears of Joy Agency

Plans & Pricing

Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.


19/ month

5 keywords

  • Unlimited mentions
  • Updates in real-time
  • Unlimited users

38/ month

  • Unlimited mentions
  • Updates in real-time
  • Unlimited users

Fully customizable

  • Access to all features
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Updates in Real-Time
  • In-Depth Mention Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • 1-month of Historical and Storage Data
  • Awareness of Influencers List of most active authors commenting on the topics or brands you’re monitoring.
  • Word Cloud Visual presentation set of the words which appear most often in the mentions for your keyword(s).
  • Comparison of Different Topics Ability to compare up to 6 topics to get valuable information related to the patterns appearing over time.
  • Unlimited Basic and Advanced Reporting
  • Emailed Alerts
Additional available features
  • Reach and Interactions Number of interactions (likes, comments, shares) and potential number of hits of a particular post.

  • 3-months of Historical and Data Storage

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