Unamo | Image Monitoring Draft

Image Monitoring

      • Visual Content Monitoring

        Be notified about every image or photo with your brand logo. 
Even if there is no textual mention in photo’s description or comment

      • Brand safety

        Be the first to identify the visual context where your brand can be perceived in a negative way. React on time, prevent potential crisis

      • Competition Analysis

        Track images that include your competitors’ logo to improve marketing strategy and your product or brand image

      • Understand your audience

        Discover hidden motivation or purchase barriers of your customers. Find out about their real connection with your brand

      With Brands and Agencies in mind

      Just upload a brand or product logo to Unamo and be notified every time it appears on photos published in Social Media

      • Identify places and start right conversations

        Observe the true context of your brand’s appearance on users photos and start conversations in a smarter way

      • Improve influencer marketing

        Find out who your true promoters are to select only the best influencers matching your brand’s values

      • Discover unseen

        Carry on a full brand-image monitoring, gain an easy access to hard to track visual data and enrich your reporting

      Unamox grid fixed

      Available channels

      • Instagram

        Monitor logo appearance on Instagram. Discover visual content about your brand and discussions in photo descriptions and comments

      • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Web

        We will be supporting logo detection and monitoring in new channels in the nearest future

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