• Session Replay

    See precisely how users interact with your website to gain actionable insights.

  • Heatmaps

    Figure out if people are clicking on your important calls-to-actions to optimize for higher engagement.

  • Advanced Segments

    Build customized behavior flows to see how users progress through your conversion funnel.

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    All devices

    Get heatmap and session replay data across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.


"Unamo gives you all the visual analytics tools you need to be bundled into one service at an exceptional price."

Session Replay

Understanding your users’ behavior doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • Accurate replays

    Identify what influences your visitors while they’re interacting with your content, media, and calls-to- action.

  • User segmentation

    Determine the differences of your most and least converting user behaviors.

  • Actionable insights

    Turn your insights into action in a way that charts and graphs could never support.

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Heatmaps provide a broad picture of where people focus their attention, the exact spot on a button the user clicks, and how long a user spends browsing "below the fold".

  • Mouse clicks

    See where your users are clicking on any page to discover how optimized your page is for your call-to-action.

  • Mouse movements

    Maximize your marketing insights by tracking a user’s mouse movements.

  • Scrolling patterns

    Find out how far a user scrolled down your page to locate any flaws in your content.

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Plans & Pricing

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19/ month

10,000 user sessions

  • 3 months of data storage
  • Access to all features

28/ month

  • 6 months of data storage
  • Access to all features

Fully customizable

  • Unlimited data storage
  • Access to all features
  • Session Replay Recorded videos of user sessions on a page, which enables you to watch and draw conclusions from visitors' behavior on your website.
  • Heatmaps Color-based representation of data based on click-tracking, mouse-tracking and scroll tracking analysis.
  • Conversion Insights Measure and understand where the problem areas are and learn the causes of user drop-off.
  • Historical Analytics Compare how users behave in the past and present.
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