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Kasia Perzyńska

Kasia Perzyńska

5 years ago 5 min read

How to Use Unamo Social to Analyze Viral Marketing Campaigns

Kasia Perzyńska

Kasia Perzyńska

The Polish internet has been buzzing recently about a viral marketing campaign produced by the Polish clothing brand, Reserved. Have you heard about it yet?

Long story short, the company published an amateur-like video on YouTube that looked to be recorded by a beautiful American girl named DeeDee who claimed to be looking for a guy she met on a trip to Europe, specifically, at a concert.

The video apparently went viral, as the modelesque girl seemed authentic while pleading to the Polish public to help her find the guy she fell in love with. People eagerly shared DeeDee’s video believing they could help bring together two people from different sides of the world and facilitate the unfolding of a romantic relationship.

Hey, guys! I know it sounds weird, actually I’m still little bit confused but please, please share this video and help me find Votek!
Dee xx

In a week’s time, DeeDee’s profile acquired 7,737 subscribers and the video collected 2,220,944 views and 7,920 shares.


All Polish media, including the major television channel TVN, began to talk about the girl, the video, and the fact that love has no boundaries and will make people act like hopeless romantics.

But this love story was quickly cut short when the next YouTube video was released. It soon became clear that the storyline that won over so many hearts was scripted and a clothing brand stood behind it. Imagine the bitter disappointment of all those who actually believed in this beautiful love story.

The end.

Now that you know what happened let’s look at the marketing data which surrounded it.

1. Mentions

Between the 17th and 24th of March, the Polish Boy Wanted campaign collected about 10,535 total mentions on the Polish market. YouTube was the primary source of mentions, yielding about 6,360. The other 4,370 came from Facebook and 85 from Twitter.

On the 18th and 19th of March, the number of mentions was equally high, and then it started to decrease slowly. The next peak is visible on the 22nd of March when it was revealed that the video was fake and a part of Reserved’s marketing campaign.


It’s worth noticing that during the whole campaign, there was a huge split between the number of male vs. female mentions.


Of course, DeeDee’s video was much more popular among the guys than the ladies: 5,321 mentions came from men alone. And as you can see on the chart above, male mentions outperformed female mentions by three or even four times.

2. The Sentiment

We’ve also analyzed the sentiment the campaign raised. On average, between the 17th and 24th of March, 46.12% of male records indicated a positive sentiment.


Among females, the average sentiment was slightly better: 55,55% of the mentions were positive.


At the beginning of the campaign, when people still thought the video wasn’t curated, the sentiment was visibly better among both genders and indicated 58,65% of positive male mentions and 76,98% of positive female records.



After March 22nd, sentiment visibly decreased when Reserved confessed to the authorship of the whole action.




3. Sources of mentions

Sources of mentions by gender breakdown as follows:

  • Facebook registered 2,743 (63.72%) male records and 1,562 (36,28%) female records.
  • Twitter noted 50 (74.63%) male records and 17 (25.37%) female records.
  • YouTube shows 2,891 (81.94% ) male records and 637 (18.06%) female records.


4. Hourly distribution of mentions

Most mentions were coming in between 7 and 9 PM CTE.


5. Word Cloud

Unamo’s word cloud showed how the keywords around the campaign were changing over time; as long as the video was perceived as authentic, phrases were focused around DeeDee’s statement: Dee, boy, wanted, confused, video, please, votek, polish, etc. (see on the screen)


After March 22nd, word cloud indicates completely different keywords. As you can see on the screen below, most of them refer to Reserved, fake, campaign and advertisement.


Thanks to this campaign, Reserved also got a huge spike in mentions. It hadn’t received so much buzz in a long while.


In the end, the whole event might be perceived negatively by many, but …as they say – it’s always better to be talked about than forgotten; no matter if it’s good or bad.

A little controversy will always arouse interest. I don’t think this viral campaign will hurt the company’s revenue. My guess is the more attention the company gets, the greater its online traffic is going to be.

Want to start monitoring viral campaigns too?

Try the Unamo Social Media Monitoring Tool. This new and powerful software empowers you to watch and analyze viral campaigns in real time. All you need to do is create an account and add a new topic to the dashboard.



Name your topic and set the region accordingly. Reserved’s ‘POLISH BOY WANTED’ campaign covered the scope of the Polish market.


Once this part is completed, go to the second section and describe your topic precisely by adding relevant keywords:


The topic and keywords you choose are going to be used to collect mentions. In order to efficiently monitor this particular viral campaign, we’ve set 3 major keywords and narrowed them down by adding in required and excluded keywords.


And voila! Now we are set! Now you can go ahead and set up your own monitoring.

Happy (viral) marketing!

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Written by
Kasia Perzyńska

Kasia Perzyńska

Kasia is a content marketer with two years of experience in the SEO universe. Doing some marketing for the awesome Unamo!

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