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Ewa Suwińska

Ewa Suwińska

4 years ago 5 min read

Slack & Unamo: Social Media Monitoring Notifications in Slack

Ewa Suwińska

Ewa Suwińska

We are pleased to inform you that starting today, in the Social Media Monitoring tool of the Unamo platform, there is a new option that allows you to start forwarding notifications from the tool to a selected Slack channel.

What is Slack?

According to data from Expanded Ramblings, as of March 2017, 60,000 teams are using the Slack application with a daily number of active users reaching nearly 6 million.

The Slack tool is primarily used to improve internal communication in companies. It allows you to stay in touch with colleagues in other cities or even countries in real time.

Creating channels also allows you to group topics throughout the company and assign them only to team members directly involved, even if they’re in different locations.

Unamo x Slack

At Unamo we also use Slack, so we are really excited about the possibility of connecting data from other applications into the channels we choose.

This allows us to include all of our employees with information regarding our company by keeping everyone up-to-date on their work or report changes in our tools in a more casual way.

The ability to see the positive mentions of your company in the form of a dedicated channel in Slack is a great way to boost motivation in your daily work.


Notification Integration: Why Slack?

Due to the growing popularity of Slack, we’ve received many inquiries about the possibility of an integration with Unamo Social Media Monitoring. At Unamo, we like to keep our customers happy so… we decided to respond to your needs!

From now on in the Unamo Social Media Monitoring panel in the Alerts section, you will find a new option:

Unamo Social Media Monitoring Slack

Slack Integration: How do I connect the tools?

Connecting the two tools is very easy.

First, the platform will ask you to sign in to your team Slack account and select the channel that you want to receive notifications.

Unamo Social Media Monitoring Slack

Next, create an alert.

Unamo Social Media Monitoring Slack

The notification for Slack can be configured for various aspects, such as the time of the occurrence of the measure. You can also find storm alerts, which are sent when your project has a significant increase in the number of results or reactions.

You can also use these filters to get notifications about statements that include a certain number of characters or words, specific emotional stresses, or gender of the author.

You can also choose the type of mentions you would like to receive notifications for. For example, only comments that contain the keyword or notifications of all the comments in the project, even those that do not contain the keyword, but are in the context of the discussion.

Unamo Social Media Monitoring Slack

Lastly, select if you would like to receive your notifications only on slack or via email as well.

Unamo Social Media Monitoring Slack

The ability to enable notifications from the Slack tool is available for all account types in the Unamo Social Media Monitoring platform.

Slack: All of your data in one place

Linking the tool to Slack gives you the ability to keep all your data in one place and receive instant notifications regarding any new activity in Unamo Social Media Monitoring.

Without having to juggle multiple platforms, it’s now possible to gather information solely for one or, depending on the monitoring projects used, multiple Slack channels.

You have the ability to tag each alert with a selected team member(s), which allows you to assign specific mentions and tasks to the right people. As a result, social media monitoring is much faster and efficient.


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Ewa Suwińska

Ewa Suwińska

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