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Olivia Ryan

Olivia Ryan

4 years ago 5 min read

Instagram Analytics: Everything You Need to Know to Improve Your Strategy

Featured instagram analytics everything you need to know
Olivia Ryan

Olivia Ryan

Instagram Analytics: Everything You Need to Know to Improve Your Strategy

Social media has become a crucial success driver in contemporary business.

With more than 1 billion users, Instagram proved to be one of the most productive social platforms and that’s the reason why over 70% of the US-based businesses use it for marketing purposes.

It’s a great way to present your brand to the global audiences, particularly if you are targeting younger customers.

Namely, 90% of Instagram users are 35 years old or younger.

In such circumstances, it is not the question of whether to use this social network but rather how to do it in the most effective manner.

However, this is where the tricky part begins because most entrepreneurs ask themselves:

  • How can I make the most of my Instagram strategy?
  • How can I be sure about the results?
  • Do I really believe in ROI?

These are very reasonable questions, but the answers depend on Instagram analytics.

According to social media marketers at Essay Services, you can never be sure about the final outcome if you don’t monitor Instagram activities and measure results.

But if you do pay attention to analytics, you can determine whether your marketing strategy is successful or not.

We decided to give you a hand and explain how things work on Instagram. In this post, we will present to you the ultimate guide to Instagram analytics.

Let’s begin!

How to Measure Instagram Performance

There are dozens of valuable Instagram metrics that you can follow and analyze.

Of course, an average marketing team is not able to monitor every single indicator because it’s just not feasible or relevant, so they focus on a set of objectives that make the biggest impact on their companies.

For instance, your goal could be to raise awareness of a brand and, in this case, you definitely need to concentrate on post reach.

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On the other side, marketers who want to generate more leads usually focus on user engagement to understand how prospects behave and what kind of action they take.

But we want to make the job easier for you, so we will give you an overview of the basic metrics and the corresponding features.

All of these groups of indicators can be discovered within Instagram Insights, a platform’s native analytics page.


Profile Metrics

Profile metrics consist of 9 different features, including email and call clicks, the total number of posts, website clicks, and profile views.

Besides that, the most important profile metrics are these:

  • Follower count: It shows you the overall number of account followers
  • Impressions: Reveals the total number of times all of your posts have been seen
  • Reach: Instagram reach shows how many unique profiles saw at least one of your posts
  • Mentions: Shows you how many times other users mentioned your account on Instagram analytics
  • Branded hashtags: The number of Instagram posts with your branded hashtags

Insights Instagram Insights Instagram

Audience Insights

Audience insights are extremely important because you have to learn everything there is to know about the target audience.

It helps you design better content and improve Instagram marketing performance.

Here are the elements of Audience Insights:

  • Gender: You can see the number of men and women who follow your account.
  • Age: The age distribution of your followers is divided into seven different groups ranging from 13-17, 18-24, 25-34- 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, and 65+ years.
  • Top locations: Location targeting is crucial for most businesses and Instagram allows you to see the top five cities and countries where your followers reside.
  • Followers Hours: Reveals the average time followers spend browsing Instagram on a daily basis.
  • Followers Days: Reveals the days of the week when your followers engage the most.

Insights Instagram

Insights Instagram

Instagram Posts (Photos or Videos)

This is where Instagram Insights get a little more specific, revealing metrics such as impressions and saves per post.

Besides that, there are other interesting features:

  • Reach: This is the number of unique users who saw a given post.
  • Likes: The number of unique accounts that liked a post.
  • Comments: It tells you how many people commented on a post.
  • Engagement: Counts the number of likes, saves, or comments per post.
  • Views: Show how many visitors saw your video post.

Insights Instagram


Instagram Stories

More than a third of all Instagram accounts are using the Story feature every day, which proves the importance of this social media content.

This is why you have a special section dedicated to this content, counting the number of impressions and the overall reach of each Story separately.

But you can measure a bunch of other stuff as well:

  • Exits: Counts the number of users who left your Story.
  • Replies: The number of replies to a particular photo or video in your story.
  • People insights: It gives you an overview of accounts who have seen a given photo or video within your Story.

Insights Instagram

Instagram Live Videos

Live video is one of the most popular types of ephemeral content online, so there is obviously a special segment of analytics dedicated to this feature:

  • Live viewers at any given time: Shows you the number of accounts watching your live video and reveals their identities.
  • Viewers: The number of accounts that saw any part of your Instagram live video.

live video instagram

Now that you’ve got acquainted with the variety of Instagram metrics, you should learn another important trick.

Our advice is to compare these features over time to see how your strategy evolves.

You can easily measure account growth, average reach, engagement rate, etc.

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Best Instagram Analytics Tools

You are now aware of things to measure, but you also need to find the right analytics tool.

There are literally dozens of options available on the Internet, but we will show you four tools that can give you the most valuable insights.

Let’s check them out below:

We already talked about Instagram Insights, but this is your starting point and you need to figure it out completely.

First of all, you need to set up a Business Profile in order to access Instagram Insights.

To do that, go to your account and select “Switch to Business Profile” from the gear icon menu.

Since Facebook bought Instagram six years ago, you need to connect to the Facebook page you are currently administering to associate ii with your Instagram Business Profile.

business account instagram

Once you’ve done that, you just need to check all business-related information and complete the process upon making changes, if any.

Since we discussed the majority of Instagram Insights metrics above, we will only mention a couple more interesting indicators.

Top Posts is one of the most valuable features as it gives you the chance to see the best-performing photos or videos in any given timeframe within the last two years.

You can do the same thing for stories and followers.

Besides that, there is the Promotions section that reveals the performance of paid advertising.

It’s a great tool because it explains how your campaigns function, thus reducing the amount of marketing waste in the long-term perspective.

If you want a highly professional Instagram analytics tool, you can try Iconosquare.

This software services more than 34 thousand business and helps them make smarter decisions using better insights.


Iconosquare enables companies to understand and improve performance on key social metrics, from audience growth to engagement.

And it’s not only about analytics as the tool allows you to plan and schedule Instagram activities, which makes it easier to grow the number of followers and increase the overall performance.

You can monitor social media channels with social media management software.

Unamo Social Media Monitoring

This will allow you to track the engagement of users across different social communication channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Unamo Social Media Monitoring

With the Social Media Monitoring tool of Unamo, you can monitor your brand, manage your reputation, keep track of your competitors and work on gaining new clients too.

If you want to learn more about Unamo’s Social Media Monitoring tool, you can take a look at the features and sign up for a free trial here.

If you want to learn more about social media monitoring, you should take a look at our article: 6 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website with Social Media Monitoring Tool


How to Enhance Instagram Marketing Using Analytics

This is the last phase of Instagram analytics, but it’s definitely not the least important.

Everything you’ve done so far was only supposed to provide you with actionable suggestions on how to improve the brand’s Instagram promotion.

It all depends on key performance indicators (KPI) and the overall objectives of your campaigns, but there are several aspects of Instagram marketing we consider most relevant on all occasions.

  • Firstly, you should pay attention to user behavior and track the results of their engagement.

Their comments, likes, and shares often reveal a strong connection to the brand and you need to discover and approach followers who are likely to become your future customers.

social media monitoring tool

  • Secondly, you need to see which posts make the biggest impact on your audience.

Perhaps your followers enjoy “behind the scenes” footages or nature-related photos?

Or maybe they prefer images with appealing captions? Your job is to find it out and create more content that fits these requirements.

  • Thirdly, you have to keep the growth in mind.

If your account is not attracting new followers, it’s an alarm for you to change Instagram strategy.

You don’t have to put quantity in front of quality because it’s better to have 100 loyal fans than 1,000 disinterested followers.

  • But in general, it’s not good to see your Instagram account standing still and not accumulating new fans.

The most important question is how to do a better job on Instagram.

You can try many different things, but most businesses begin with these moves:

  • Create better content

Most marketers don’t want to admit it, but poor and inconsistent content production is the main cause of underperformance on Instagram analytics

In this case, your job is to design a new content creation strategy and give up motives that don’t raise user interest.

Keep in mind that it’s much better to consistently publish high-quality posts once a day than to bombard followers with low-quality content every hour or so.

  • Adapting posting time & date

Now that you know when your followers use Instagram, you can exploit it to extend your reach and influence.

Improve you scheduling so as to target days and hours that you know will make the largest impact on most of your followers.

Check out our guide on how to find the best time to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram analytics

the best time to post on social media

  • Try different CTA options

Do you always stick to the same calls to action (CTA)?

Perhaps it is the reason why your fans fail to respond and engage with your content.

You don’t always have to tease users or post questions.

There are many other solutions: encourage people to tag friends, use active language and a sense of urgency, design bigger CTA buttons or links, and always make it sound easy for a follower to take action.

analyze your instagram profileClick to start your free trial


There is not a single marketing channel out there that can outdo social media performance, no question about it.

As one of the most influential social platforms, Instagram has been growing steadily in the last few years and becoming increasingly important for businesses worldwide.

However, a lot of entrepreneurs still don’t know the real benefits of Instagram marketing mostly because they don’t know how to measure it.

This is why they stop investing in brand promotion on Instagram or waste money due to inefficient tactics.

The only way to prevent it is by learning how this platform really works and how to take advantage of its numerous features.

In this post, we showed you the ultimate guide to Instagram analytics.

Have you ever analyzed your Instagram performance? Which features and metrics did you use? Do you have other interesting suggestions to share with us?

Feel free to let us know about it in comments and we will be glad to discuss it with you!

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Olivia Ryan

Olivia Ryan

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