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Ashwin Ramesh

8 years ago 5 min read

9 Free Local SEO Tools That Will Help You Dominate Your Niche

Featured Free local seo tools

Ashwin Ramesh

Local SEO used to be easy. A few months ago, all that you needed to do to lack in the seven pack was smack your category to your Google Places page, go out there and get a few dozen citations.

With competition heating up, it becomes very important that you use the best tools of the trade to ensure that you’re ranking above your competition in the box.

1.Local SEO Checklist

This is by far the best tool you can have in your arsenal. The Local SEO Checklist gives you a simple step-by-step checklist that you can use to better track your optimization efforts.

The most interesting thing about this tool is that it tracks your progress as you go, even if you close your browser and re-open it and as long as you don’t clear your browser cache.

2. Google Structured Data Inspector

The Google Structured Data Testing Tool tells you exactly what content on your website is marked as well as errors that it may find in the way your schema-ed content is marked up.

This is especially useful if you’ve done some work in the past, or parts of your website have schema that you’re not sure is being read and interpreted properly.

3. Unamo SEO’s Multiregional Tracking

While the entire SEO platform isn’t free, this free add-on feature lets you track keywords in multiple locations from the same campaign.

local seo keyword tracking unamo seo

You can check the success of a keyword in multiple locations and pivot your SEO strategy accordingly. It removes the burden of having to track specific keywords across different search engines in different campaigns or projects.

3. Schema Creator

The schema creator from RavenTools is a great tool if you’re looking to generate schema without the hassle of having to read through all the documentation over at the website.

What really impressed me about this tool was it’s ease of user. Pretty much anyone can use and operate this tool to generate schema for their website.

4. 51Blocks Local Search Toolbox

This handy toolkit from 51Blocks does multiple Local SEO factor checks at the same time. The tool is very useful for you to automatically check on major factors that affect your performance in Google Local and other directories.

5. does a scan of your business on the top 12 directories and tells you where you’re listed as well as information about whether you’re listed accurately in these top directories.

The site also tells you which category you’re listed under as well as whether you have media present on your listings. Additionally, GetListed also tells you of any errors it finds on the listings it scans.

6. Synup Listings Scan

The Synup software scans your business listing on over 100 local directories as well as different review sites to show you how you’re present.

The listings section of the tool shows you a snapshot of how you’re listed across the web. Additionally, you can drill down to each listing to see exactly how you appear on each website. The “Reviews” section of the tool shows you reviews from across the web about your business.

7. Free Review Monitoring is an excellent new services that monitors your reviews on all the major review sites for free on a daily basis. It also sends out an email to you everyday with new reviews as they are crawled. You can also set up the tool to monitor your competitors’ reviews.


The free version of the tool creates a simple review page that you can use to request reviews from your clients.

Getting more reviews is an integral part of Local SEO and this tool comes in very handy for that. Unfortunately, the free version of doesn’t include their review funnel functionality.


Irrespective of the tools you use, you’ll still need to put in the work. Though tools can help you do a more effective job when it comes to Local SEO, they are still not a replacement to good ‘ol hard work.

You’ll still need to be able to put in the time to ensure that you’re profile is properly optimized and that you’re getting citations from the right places.

Half the battle is won if you can clean up your profile, merge duplicates on Google Maps and ensure you are listed on at least the top 50 local directories.

We hope these tools were helpful and happy Local SEO-ing!

Written by

Ashwin Ramesh

Founder at

Ashwin has been selling since he was 4; online marketing since he was 14 and loves writing about the latest and greatest when it comes to Local Advertising. He is currently founder of Synup. Make sure to follow him on Twitter.

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ross (7 years ago) Reply

Great list Ashwin - very useful. I would recommend ReviewFlow (BrightLocal) to you - another review tracking tool which lets you find, track & manage reviews on leading review sites & local directories. Like the example you gave above, you can set up email alerts and track results over time - but additionally you can white label your reports - which is very useful for consultants / agencies. I am biased but would be great if you could give it a try! would love to hear your feedback :)

Nishadha (8 years ago) Reply

What a great list of tools. I'm doing some local SEO work for a hotel and so far only thing I looked at is the Google structured data testing tool. I can see the other tools will make my job a whole lot easier. Thanks for the great info.

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