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Kerry Butters

4 years ago 5 min read

A Guide to White Hat SEO Techniques

Featured Guide to White Hat SEO Techniques

Kerry Butters

In this brave new world of content and post Google algorithm changes such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, white hat SEO is the only way to go if you want your site to get ahead and become a useful part of the internet. Carrying out white hat practices also means that the search giants will like your site too, and position it accordingly in the SERPs.

What is White Hat SEO?

In simple terms, it’s using various techniques that ensure that your site performs well in the SERPs without resorting to what essentially many people now refer to as cheating. These nefarious tactics are known as black hat SEO and involve numerous spamming techniques, keyword stuffing and more.

White hat, on the other hand, uses organic techniques and demands quality in a site in order to ensure it performs well for search. This means that numerous factors have to be taken into consideration and optimized, such as:

  • Written content
  • Images and video
  • Meta information
  • Site architecture
  • Site performance

A note on keywords

Keywords still hold value but must be used correctly. Many SEO professionals don’t bother putting keywords in the Meta information as Google doesn’t look at them anymore.  See the video below for Google’s Matt Cutt’s reasoning on why keywords in meta information are more or less ignored by the search engine now:

Keyword ‘stuffing’ used to be a very common practice and was a black hat method intended to ensure that the word associated with a company was picked up. We’ve all seen those articles which are barely legible as every other word is a keyword. Many good SEO content writers now refuse to write content where a client may ask them for a keyword density of 7%, as it lessens the quality of the piece considerably.

However, keywords do still have their place for use with site content, including blogs, images and video and PPC/Adwords. These days, it’s better practice to use similar words throughout a piece of writing as well as the main keyword. Key phrases are also good practice and should be used. It’s also important that these are used in Titles and sub-headers as well as throughout the text.

For example: Keyword = SEO software

This should be used a couple of times in the text, in the headline and a similar phrase in a sub header. Throughout the piece, related words and phrases can be used for context, such as:

  • SEO analysis software
  • SEO tools
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search tools

And so on. A great tool for this is Google’s Keyword Planner,.

As you can see from the image, I’ve searched using the key term mentioned above and narrowed down the audience to the countries I would like to target and the industry niche that the site is in. This gives ideas for Ad Groups (for PPC) and suggested keywords that perform the best.


As this is a term that’s searched for often, it’s necessary to get a bit more creative than just using Google suggestions and experiment, so that you can get a competitive word, with which you stand a chance at competing and gaining good placements. This applies to paid for and organic search and it’s not necessary a speedy process.

Content – ascended from King

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king’? This is no longer true, content is everything (well, pretty much). It’s no longer enough to stick a poorly written blog up once a month – or worse, use text spinners to rejig old content.

Content must be:

  • Original and not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others
  • Highly relevant and useful to your industry and audience
  • Very well written with good grammar and spelling
  • For image and video should include a title, ALT tag and description and if appropriate, give credit to original artist (if using creative commons licensed images for example)
  • Point to the source of research and quotes where applicable

Giving value to your audience

The best possible way you can perform best in the search is by giving value to your audience and preferably, your industry too.

This includes:

  • Having a site that is well built, performs well and is capable of being used across platform (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Producing content that is actionable and contains fresh ideas
  • Having a good mix of multimedia content, not just written
  • Utilizing social media so that your brand is recognizable across all platforms and content can be distributed. This is becoming more important now more than ever, social signals (Facebook likes, G +1s, Retweets etc.) indicates that your content is useful, as people are reading/watching and ideally, sharing and commenting.

It’s also worth mentioning that your link profile remains important but that this is something that takes time and should be carried out sensibly and organically. Buying links will get you a Google penalty, as will any indication that you might have.

Guest blogging remains a valid white hat technique, but it’s vital that this is approached naturally. This means that you begin guest posting on sites that are of a similar Domain Authority to your own. If you suddenly appear to have a lot of very high quality links to your site, then this appears to Google as if they have been purchased.

We’ve really just touched upon white hat here and there are many techniques that can help you, including SEO professionals and for SMEs, using specialist SEO software. The most important thing to remember is that content should always be excellent and this should be the main driver to your site.

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Kerry Butters

Editorial & SEO Director at MarkITWrite
A prolific technology writer, Kerry is an authority in her field and produces content for a variety of high profile sites in her niche. Also a published author, Kerry is co-founder of digital content agency markITwrite, adores the written word and all things tech and internet related.

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Written by

Kerry Butters

Editorial & SEO Director at MarkITWrite

A prolific technology writer, Kerry is an authority in her field and produces content for a variety of high profile sites in her niche. Also a published author, Kerry is co-founder of digital content agency markITwrite, adores the written word and all things tech and internet related.

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aditya singh (4 days ago) Reply

ASIAN IT SOLUTIONS (3 weeks ago) Reply

Nice post, fantastic points you mentioned here.

Aarusys (1 month ago) Reply

What is google penalty?

ASIAN IT SOLUTIONS (3 weeks ago) Reply

Very goo post.

Digimark Seo (1 month ago) Reply

thanks for the post and i am also while hat seo member please post some stuff regarding niche relevancy on seo backlinking digimarkseo

K2B Solutions (1 month ago) Reply

Well said. Content is the key to organic traffic. We need to refine content from the scratch with quality words. Not too much keyword stuffing is gonna help. Focus on right targeted niche is the best method.

Mehtab Ahmed Khan (2 months ago) Reply

Hi, Very good article. Thanks for sharing such as beautiful information with us. I hope you will share some more info about SEO Techniques. Keep sharing the good work. How Webs Informative World

Hardik Porwal (3 months ago) Reply

Going for the White Hat SEO technique is a good approach. It is good if you use these techniques to attain a high rank in the Google Search Engine results. Among them, optimizing the content to gain maximum visibility is the best approach. To know more White Hat SEO techniques, check:

Digital Agency London (3 months ago) Reply

Great Blog! Thanks for sharing this Post:) I was confused about keyword density. Now its clear thanks for the tip.

Abhinav Shan (10 months ago) Reply

Original content with good points is very important. The content must be useful for the readers and keep them engaged. If it is a professional website or a static page website then add keywords in the content. Find more discussion regarding Content SEO at our Question and Answer Website.

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Frederick jones (10 months ago) Reply

Very good advise here. I'm definitely going to focus more on white hat seo strategies rather then black hat. (10 months ago) Reply

Dear Kerry Butters As like you and all SEO expert I also prefer White hat SEO techniques. However this is long time process but more effective than any black magic... Thanks for your nice work on this article.

Abhinav Shan (10 months ago) Reply

The best way to optimize content is to have a big unique content with keywords in it. And don't forget to add LSI keywords which also comes into play. Find more discussion on this topic at our question and answer website.

Peter (11 months ago) Reply

You did a great job!!! Post is very informative give a brief knowledge about white hat seo . Thank you for sharing it!!

Raghbat (11 months ago) Reply

Great post! it was very insightful and informative. Keep posting you great work.

Atul Srivastava (11 months ago) Reply

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Mike (1 year ago) Reply

People mostly do things which are easy to do, so that they get results fast. This is the only reason they use black hat, but it has short success time period and it will spam your website. The best approach for making your website better is the white hat SEO service.You have mentioned things in details which make this concept easy to understand. Thanks

JainTechnosoft (1 year ago) Reply

Content is always the king. A website that has high quality contents are always safe and can easily drive traffic through blog postings. One needs to remember this and provide good contents for a website.

Farah Fathy (2 years ago) Reply

Good Article

seo service (2 years ago) Reply

That is very interesting; you’re a very skilled blogger. I have shared your website in my social networks! Thanks for distribution knowledge regarding some vital steps for white hat SEO.

Sandybrown (2 years ago) Reply

amazing article.....

Kasia Perzyńska (2 years ago) Reply

Thanks for compliment ;-)

Kerry Butters (3 years ago) Reply

There's none of us infallible. However, I only picked up one on rereading, 'necessary' instead of necessarily.

Dan (3 years ago) Reply

One of the tips is to write well-written content with good grammar. Something the writer should consider - I've seen quite a few mistakes.

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