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Kasia Perzyńska

Kasia Perzyńska

3 years ago 5 min read

Positionly Cyber Monday Deals Sneak Peek

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Kasia Perzyńska

Kasia Perzyńska

Hey Guys!

Winter is coming! And with winter a special period of the year is coming too.
Why so special? Because of… Christmas, Thanksgiving and, of course, Cyber Monday!

We all love discounts, so the truth is that we can’t wait for it. Everybody wants to receive a great opportunity. Each and every time we browse the web looking for applications that make our lives easier, we subconsciously wait to purchase when there are lucrative discounts that will appear after Thanksgiving.

So, it’s time to get ready! 🙂

Last year, our Cyber Monday offer was very popular!! It was met with huge interest, so this year we’ve decided to go one step further…and we’ve prepared a special Cyber Monday Deal for our new and monthly subscribers.

Curious what we’ve got in store for you?

Well, sorry! We can’t tell you yet – it’s top secret!! :-), Keep a careful eye on our social channels, blog and for our e-mails! We will reveal all the details this week and it is going to be our best deal of 2015!

Stay tuned!

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Written by
Kasia Perzyńska

Kasia Perzyńska

Kasia is a content marketer with two years of experience in the SEO universe. Doing some marketing for the awesome Unamo!

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