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Anne Krieger

3 years ago 5 min read

More Success with SEO Webinars

Featured SEO webinars from Positionly

Anne Krieger

Exciting changes are happening all the time at Positionly. This year alone we’ve progressed leaps and bounds — we’ve released a new and improved version of Positionly, we’ve grown as a company, and we’ve learned a lot! While expanding, we’ve made some powerful decisions that will affect our customers in many positive ways.

Meet the team!

We’re excited to introduce a Customer Success Team. They will be there throughout your whole life at Positionly; guiding you through the ins-and-outs of our product and SEO. Our team is made up of unique individuals that all have a like-minded goal: delivering you, our awesome customers, more value.


Anne Krieger

Head of Customer Success

A data-driven CSM that believes in making numbers understandable, relatable and actionable.


Jessica Yang

Customer Success Manager

Loves beautiful, thought-provoking content, and is always focused on improving user experience.


Nika Wojciechowska

Customer Success Manager

A CSM with a mission to make her customers successful and satisfied with their marketing efforts

What we’re giving you…

We have quite a few tricks up our sleeves that will be revealed soon to provide you with the best experience possible. The one we’re excited to announce now is… webinars!

We will be doing a continuous series of product-centric and introduction to SEO webinars starting at the end of August. Topics include:

  • SEO basics
  • Positionly how-to’s
  • Monitoring your inbound links
  • Keywords and content
  • Analyzing and gaining traffic

Join the webinar

Want to contribute?

We are partnering up with some really fantastic people and companies that will help teach you everything you need to know to improve your SEO strategy, websites, marketing, and more!

Do you have a webinar idea? Would you like to be a guest speaker in a webinar? Feel free to email or leave a comment in the comment box below.

With love,


Written by

Anne Krieger

Customer Success Manager at Positionly

An avid crocheter, yogi and an expat in Poland. I enjoy a busy life full of doing good things in the world. I believe in always paying it forward. Feel free to get in touch with me on LinkedIn or Twitter!

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