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Krystian Włodarczyk

5 years ago 5 min read

Improved Backlinks Analysis

Featured Improved Backlink Analysis

Krystian Włodarczyk

Today brings a big improvement to the backlink tool. The new functionality goes beyond checking the actual backlinks data. Now you are able to slice and dice your data quickly and track the changes on remarkably simple charts. Check out all of the improvements we prepared for you!

New Backlinks Chart

Backlink Analysis Chart

You can check how many backlinks your website received so far on a clear and simple chart. Additionally, you are able to check how many backlinks you’ve gained and lost within a specific period of time.

Backlinks Quality Overview

Backlinks Quality Grade

Check your overall backlinks quality in a glympse. Positionly analyzes your backlink profile and grade it in 1-10 scale.

Filters and sorting option


Backlink data filtering options

To make your backlink analysis even more comfortable, we introduced new filtering options. Now you can:

  • Pick a specific time frame you’d like to analyze
  • Pick the type of backlinks in terms of quality or a do-follow parameter
  • Analyze backlinks with a specific anchor text

Additionally, you can use an advanced filter and choose to filter your data by:

  • Country
  • Source
  • Target (particular landing page)

You can sort your data by any of the above parameters.


tooltips and deleted backlinks

You can check if the listed backlink is still alive and check out unshortened parameters in tooltips.

What do you think about the improvements to the tool? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!

Written by

Krystian Włodarczyk

Your man at Positionly

Marathoner, traveller, SEO/SEM practicioner. Feel free to contact me on Twitter!

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