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Anne Krieger

3 years ago 5 min read

Attention All Canadians, Australians and Austrians! Regional Tracking is now available.


Anne Krieger

We have some exciting news! Positionly just got even better. We now offer regionalized tracking within major states, territories and cities in Canada, Australia, and Austria.

Positionly still does the same great daily keyword rankings. We allow one individual search engine per website. This means you can track on state, city or country level.

This feature is great because depending on the keyword, you can rank differently in different regions. Now you can focus exactly on your targeted region! For instance, if you google “coffee shop” and you live in Toronto, searches within your direct vicinity will actually appear higher. Coffee shops in other Canadian cities will be pushed down because they aren’t as relevant to you and that search query.

Okay! Okay! That’s all pretty awesome, but.. how do you do it?

Just follow these simple steps:

1. On the top of the Positionly dashboard, select website and the website you want to add the regionalized search to


2. Select the website that you would like to add a search engine to


3. Select the Settings Gear, which is located on the upper, right-hand side


4. Select ‘Edit Website’ in the drop down menu.



5. Choose the country and then “add region” will appear.



6. Manually type the region and select it.



Make sure to save those changes and then voila! You have now begun tracking regionally. Check out how your keywords are ranking in the search engine by going to your keywords section on the Positionly dashboard.

Any questions, ideas or suggestions? Our support team is here to listen and help. Send us an email:

If we are missing your city in one of these countries, please email us. We will try to add it for you as soon as possible.

Written by

Anne Krieger

Customer Success Manager at Positionly

An avid crocheter, yogi and an expat in Poland. I enjoy a busy life full of doing good things in the world. I believe in always paying it forward. Feel free to get in touch with me on LinkedIn or Twitter!

Comments (2)
Robert Decousta (3 years ago) Reply

Great news. After reading this blog, I am very much benefited. Keep sharing.

Kasia Perzyńska (3 years ago) Reply

Hey, Robert! Good to hear this :-) thank you on behalf of Anne

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