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Agnieszka Lekszycka

8 years ago 5 min read

5 Essential Ways to Attract Customers to Your Online Store


Agnieszka Lekszycka

How to get more clients to your store? Find out 5 most effective ways that’ll help you get lots of traffic without spending a huge budget.

No matter if you already have your online store for some time or you are just starting your adventure with e-commerce – you won’t succeed unless you can attract clients to your e-business.

Of course, that sounds like it is easier said than done – acquiring users for an online store may be really difficult and time-consuming.

To make this process easier, we have listed for you 5 most effective ways that will help you get lots of traffic without spending a huge budget 😉 Check it out!

1. A beautiful store

First thing you need to do is to ask yourself if your website is attractive.

The design of an online store is crucial, because if it’s ugly customers will simply click away. You have to be aware that a user ‘s purchase decision is usually made just after 3 seconds on your website – so it is the first impression that counts. If customers do not like it, they won’t buy anything and won’t ever come back.

As Patryk Pawlikowski, CEO of an ecommerce platform states:

A store’s website is its representation. That is why it has to be beautiful and professional, especially if products being sold are very aesthetic. If a client seeks an outstanding dress and comes across a neglected and ugly website he will back off. Customers having thousands of online stores to choose from, will pick the one whose design is the most modern and aesthetic. And the reason of this is simple: a beautiful store is considered more reliable and trustworthy.

2. Social media activity

Social media is one of the channels that enables you free promotion. Of course, if you publish ads among networks, you will pay, but the mere presence is free.

And it can bring lots of benefits too!

The key to success in social media is providing a marvelous content. You have to be interesting and outstanding, so that people will want to follow you. If you manage to do so, you will have a great marketing channel at no financial expense. So what actually should you do to attract customers using social media?

  • post regularly – at least on a daily basis, so customers can’t forget about you (but not at all costs – if you post just because you should, it may have a reverse effect!)
  • engage your users: ask them questions, reply to their comments, try to catch their attention
  • choose the best channels for you business, but always focus on Facebook and Pinterest, because those drive the most traffic to online stores (FB: 55%; Pinterest: 25%)
  • use graphics – posts with images usually get 50% more engagement that others

You can also check infographic about it.


3.  Customer care:

Another thing that will help you attract many users is an outstanding customer care. Always remember: there is no better promotion than satisfied clients. Make the experience of buying in your store remarkable – but only in a positive way. A Forrester research states that 45% of US consumers will abandon an online transaction if their questions or concerns are not addressed quickly.

This means that if you want to attract clients, you need to reply to all their comments and inquiries. And as soon as possible, cause timely responses are the key to success in this matter.

So, remember!

Never ever underestimate the impact of customer care. A research conducted by McKinsey revealed that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. As it turns out, it is not the product itself or the ads that are the key – it is customer service. And your task is not simple – people are two times more eager to share negative than positive impressions.

It is even said that is takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative. Thereby, make sure that all your clients are satisfied with the service you provide.

Be nice, helpful and competent and you will see that the customers will come. Believe me, you will be surprised how great the power of word of mouth marketing is.


4. Promos

We all love promos and discounts. But usually it is not these 5$ that we save which makes us happy. It is rather a psychological mechanism that is responsible for these feelings. It has been confirmed that the world „free” makes us feel irrational excitement, which stimulates association with positive emotion.

How can you use it in your online store to attract clients?

One idea is to offer clients a free shipping.

As Patryk Pawlikowski from says:

Many of our stores propose their clients free shipping and it turns out to be a success. The number of purchases in their stores grows significantly, as a shipping fee is one of the reasons why customers resign from purchase. Some of the stores offer free shipping from a peculiar price – for example only for those who spend more than 50$. It is a great way to stimulate clients to buy more products than they planned just not to pay for shipping. Consequently, not only do you give a special value that a customer appreciates, but also generate more sales.

Another way is to distribute discount coupons. You can give them to new clients, so they have a stimulus to make their first purchase. It is also recommended to aware loyal customers by giving them a special offer such as for instance: „Buy 2, get third for free” or „second item 30% off”. All of these will make your clients feel special and encourage them to shop in your store.

5. E-mail marketing

Last, but not least: e-mail marketing. It is both a cheap and effective solution to attract customers. An Epsilon „Branding Survey” has demonstrated that 54% people have more positive attitude towards companies that send them e-mails. What is more, 71% of respondents stated that when shopping they always remember e-mails that a company send to them. These results confirm the importance of e-mail marketing.

But what actually can you do?

Some of the most common ideas are:

  • send mails about new products
  • send mails about sales and promos
  • send mails after purchase with similar or recommended products, so that people are eager to make another purchase
  • send mails to clients who haven’t been active in your store for a while with discount coupons to make them revisit your website
  • send some tips or stylizations related to your products – this way you will inspire people and make them visit your store

As you can see, you do not need millions to attract clients to your online store. The most important thing is to be creative and know which channels to use. Now that you have that knowledge, go ahead and start promoting your store!

Be remarkable and you will rock it 🙂

Good luck!


Written by

Agnieszka Lekszycka

Marketing Specialist at Shoplo is the easiest way to sell online. It will help you create a beautiful online store and sell multichannel on website, Facebook, mobile, eBay and Google Shopping.

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Luz Oliver (4 years ago) Reply

Its really a good blog on buy product online. I appreciate your article. Its important to get quality product online. This blog is really helpful to give a light in this issue. So thanks for sharing all that important information.

Bill (4 years ago) Reply

Many business owners focus on SEO to drive traffic to your website, but providing a credible presence once visitors land on your site is key to turning a visitor into a potential customer.

Steve (4 years ago) Reply

Thanks for such a great and informative article. I am also in marketing and have done everything you told above. These steps surely attract customers but it takes time.

jhelumnews (4 years ago) Reply


Neha (4 years ago) Reply

Guest blogging is also a good option. If you have quality content.

ealpha (4 years ago) Reply

Thank you so much. Your site has nice content about Online Shopping Store

fomi (4 years ago) Reply

Thank you for this article! Totally agree

M3 (5 years ago) Reply

Thancks for helping I have online store and owner a shop I want to improve my job but i have not enough money and what should i do in stagnant market

Monika (6 years ago) Reply

Thank you for this article! Totally agree that FB is the biggest power! Recently, I have attended course about FB marketing! It was very interesting! Are these tips useful for beginners in eCommerce. I mean if your website is not popular at all. If u have just launched it? I read this post and in fact I want to follow all these tips but I understand that my store is too young for such things and nothing can increase my profit if there is no good quality SEO!

Phani (6 years ago) Reply

We would like to start a online store. I feel these tips are very useful to get good traffic for my business and i will keep these tips in my mind for implementation. Thank you Agnieszka

Agnieszka (6 years ago) Reply

Glad I could help! Good luck with your online store :)

Test Buff (6 years ago) Reply

Add one more... organize contests at your place or on social media and announce prizes to engage your old, current and new customers in your business.

Agnieszka (6 years ago) Reply

Yes, contests are always good idea :)

Roshan14 (6 years ago) Reply

I think offering different offers and its matter how dealing with customer is really most important.. But these above tips are also very useful for Attracting a visitor. Thank you for beautiful post.:)

Agnieszka (6 years ago) Reply

Thanks Roshan - my pleasure!

seo service (7 years ago) Reply

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Rahul Yadav (7 years ago) Reply

Blog comments are the reflection of the blog readers, the more relevant comments the more popular is blog…. the points discussed by you are admirable. I think by displaying the top commentators widget and give them some gift will also encourage new comments.

Marty Rogers (8 years ago) Reply

Social Media and Email Marketing are definitely huge ones! And, of course, beautiful store is just a bonus, but not a necessity as some of the ugliest websites on the internet have been some of the highest earners. Take, for example, POF.

Agnieszka (6 years ago) Reply

There are some exceptions Marty, but even the ugly ones would sell even more with beautiful design, so I think it's always worth to think about it :)

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