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Usability Tools

6 years ago 5 min read

Web Form Testing – the Best Tools

Usability Tools

Usability Tools

For every growth hacker, marketer or UX designer that thinks seriously about making data driven decisions, testing is something that needs to be done on a daily basis. Tracking website performance, conversion goals and traffic sources is crucial for success. One of the key tests on every researcher’s checklist should be web form testing.

So, what tools for testing web forms do we have available? Check this shortlist of tools and consider expanding your arsenal.

Google Analytics for Web Form Testing

Thanks to Events in Google Analytics you can set up tests for basic visitor-actions performed on web forms. Do they go through the entire form and fill in the inputs? Or maybe they abandon it mid-filling?

What will you need to do to set up such events? If you feel good at coding you can try to write this yourself, but if coding is not your strong suit – there are people willing to help. For example, nice folks from Lunametrics have made their events tracker script available online for free.

Web Form Testing

Web Form Testing | LunaMetrics tracking script for Google Analytics source

Once you download and personalize the script all it takes it to paste the script to HEAD section of your website’s HTML. This will allow you to track form performance. For the full instruction on how to use this particular tracking script, visit this website . Of course, you can find tracking scripts that may suit your need better – the Internet is full of resources.

Some obvious pros for using Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics is Free
  • You can have all the data in one place
  • There is a lot of Google Analytics Buffs that can help you with this

Having said that, Google Analytics is an all-in-one-testing machine that can overwhelm you with data, especially if you’re not very familiar with it. If you feel that number of extensive reports can be too much, consider using tools that are specifically designed for web form testing.



Web Form Testing

Web Form Testing | Formisimo

Formisimo web form testing is based on installing a JavaScript on your website. A plus of this tool is the fact that it works with most popular platforms like WordPress and can help you with testing web forms that are a little more complicated than just a few inputs. On the visual side, it kinda looks like Google Analytics, but prettier.


Web Form Testing

Web Form Testing | ClickTale Reports

ClickTale is another set of tools designed to help you with conversion improvement. With this tool you can start web form testing of the forms on your website and get different types of reports on various aspects of your form performance. Good thing to do with this tool is combining form analytics with visitor recording not only to show bare numbers, but also problems that caused real users to fail finishing and submitting your web form.


Web Form Testing

Web Form Testing | Wufoo Form Builder

Wufoo is something a bit different that previously mentioned tools. When others help you to track what you already have, Wufoo gives you the opportunity to build your own web form and the tracking is automatic. You can use pre-existing templates or build from scratch. If you’re running your own online shop, you can use Wufoo forms that are already integrated with popular payment providers.

Why should you consider using Web Form Testing tools instead of Google Analytics?

  • You get wide range of options from pasting link to html that detects your own form automatically, to build your visually appealing from scratch. Google Analytics doesn’t give you option of building, what it offers is just tracking.
  • Some of the tools offer an option of adjusting forms on the go, meaning you can react to user flow right away, instantly start tracking changes and compare results.
  • Form Tester is a more focused tool. Google Analytics is all-in-one machine that allows to track everything thus you may miss valuable data when your attention is not focused.
  • Extensive reports, visually appealing graphs, easy to read comparisons – all this data is nicely presented and gives an option to compare and contrast web form conversions easily.

One thing about Form Testing tools is that unlike Google Analytics, they usually come with a price. You may find free ones, but they usually don’t have extended reports that help with CRO. Of course the price will vary from tool to tool but getting quality data to improve conversion rate is worth paying a little extra. The great majority of form testing tools offer an option of free trials, so before committing to any of it, you can test and compare which solution works best for your business.

Do you test web forms on your business? What tools do you use? Do you have anything to add to this list? Feel free to comment below.

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Usability Tools

Usability Tools

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