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5 years ago 5 min read

Web Design & Advertising in 2015: The Top 5 Trending Factors to Look Out For!

Usability Tools

Usability Tools

‘Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent!’ – Anonymous

The world around us is changing constantly and it’s imperative to keep yourself updated with the latest to stay ahead. This is especially true for web design, which is witnessing its most exciting phase yet. The year so far has seen the focus shifting from pizzazz to simplicity that brings in leads and conversions. A big trend in 2015 will be to continue to focus on responsiveness and pure utility.

Image Courtesy of Shutters
Image Courtesy of Shutters

Website Design Trending Factors for 2015

Automating Code – The era when programming in HTML and CSS was a cool thing is gone. It’s been replaced by software like Macaw and Adobe Reflow, which enable designers to double up as code developers and give wings to their designs.

Personalized User Experience – Did you notice that when you scroll through Facebook, the advertisements that you see in the sidebar are for websites that you frequently visit? Cookies are programmed to store user information to provide a truly personalized experience while browsing.

HTML 5 Videos – This is a great strategy for brand promotion. These cool HTML 5 videos will automatically start running in the background once you load a webpage. These videos are light and do not consume much data and can prove to be very influential when it comes to attracting potential buyers.

Less is More – Visual appearance is always more appealing than pages of text to read. Shorter attention spans are driving websites to become more visual than all text. Soon, with QR codes easily generatable, these could save valuable site real estate. Increasingly, people online are wanting their information their information easily digestible, so clear and direct communication is key.

Modern Metro – You saw this trend first with Microsoft Windows 8 and it is here to stay. Instagram and Pinterest already use it. In this kind of design, the pictures act as the title and it has a little text to describe the icon.

Advertising trending factors for 2015

Video Ads on Mobile – Mobile advertising will see integration in to the mobile devices themselves in 2015. Mostly everyone owns a smartphone or a tablet these days and sellers are going to take full advantage of the fact that how easy it is to integrate their ads into a smart device.

Advertising with User Experience – Ads will no longer be random occurrences that appear anywhere. Users will have the ultimate power to be selective about what ads they want to view. Businesses would need to collect user data and then engage them with relevant content.

Visual Storytelling – Ads need to stand out in the crowd and cut through the noise and clutter. The perfect solution for this is to adopt the art of visual storytelling and the coming year will reinforce this trend.

Direct Guaranteed ProgrammaticDirect guaranteed programmatic is what they are calling the next big thing in the world of advertising. It is the newest way to buy ad-space online. In layman terms, it is an automated form of marketing that enables businesses to be stress free about their ad campaigns. The code does it all for them.

Personalized Marketing to Rise – 2015 will be all about personalization! The user needs to be kept satisfied and in order to do so, businesses are more than willing to offer personalized content to increase their sales and lower their cost of operation.

Web design and advertising is a rapidly changing domain, with all the technological advancements and the changes in user psychology. In 2015, we would see the rise of the automated code, customized user experiences, and minimalistic designs adhering to the ‘Less is More’ philosophy.

In the advertising domain, 2015 is expected to emphasize on the art of visual storytelling, mobile ads would dominate, and personalized marketing will emerge heavy hitters. These trends though in nascent stages now will mature and become standard in the New Year.

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Usability Tools

Usability Tools

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