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5 years ago 5 min read

Top 5 UX Articles


Usability Tools

Dear fellow UX enthusiasts,

We would like to introduce our new monthly feature that we like to call Top UX Articles. For the last couple of weeks we’ve been noting down our favorite blog posts and articles that have to do with user experience and today we bring them to you. Dig right in!

1. Four myths about UX and how to bust them

by Brian Pagán on UX Magazine


“One of the most annoying things people say about UX is that it’s “just common sense,” or it’s “something you just made up.” Nothing could be further from the truth: UX is based on 200 years of scientific knowledge, 30 years of industry best practices, and specifically applied research.”

In this text, Brian touches on common misconceptions about UX. We found it extremely accurate and useful because of killer arguments Brian provides to debunk the myths.

2. Smart Transitions in User Experience

by Adrian Zumbrunnen on Smashing Magazine


“No longer can we think of user interfaces as static designs and add the magic of interaction later on. Instead, we need to embrace the interactive nature of the Web from the very beginning and think of it as natural constituent.”

Adrian provides us with examples proving that user experience can be improved by means of animation-driven interaction.

3. Why now is the right time to become a UX designer?

by Christian Vasile on Web Design Blog


“So why are companies investing more and more in this area now and not five years ago? The reason is simple: more and more companies are competing in the same markets and developing similar products, so they need an edge.”

In this text, Christian explains how growing customer expectations have led to the demand of UX designers in companies. He also provides some words of wisdom for the UX beginners.

4. UX Design for HTML/CSS Mobile Web Applications

by Jake Rocheleau on SpeckyBoy


“The sphere of mobile Internet users is growing rapidly with no signs of stopping. As more countries around the world adopt smartphones it will be easier to access information than ever before.”

Jake provides us with essentials for every mobile UX designer. Find out about free resources, useful links and Jake’s personal recommendations.

5. 3 Rules For Making Obamacare Exchange Sites Suck Less

by Molly Lafferty on Co.Design


“We’re in the midst of an exciting design opportunity. Consumers can buy almost anything online, so why not insurance? It’s not an easy problem and will require a massive shift in the way we think about health insurance. So what’s the key to a successful shift? Creating seamless and accessible user experiences that work for a diverse population.”

The Obamacare website has been the talk of the town lately. From slow load times to error alerts, the website has proven to be consistently disappointing. In her article, Molly presents 3 fixes that would significantly improve user experience of Obamacare exchange websites.

What do you think about our selection? We’ll be more than happy to learn about your favorites in the comments below or via social media channels.

Psst – stay tuned for yet another monthly feature, this time we will take a closer look at the most interesting conversion optimization-related texts.


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