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6 years ago 5 min read

How to make UX and Marketing rock Customer Experience? [Infographic]

Usability Tools

Usability Tools

Focusing on customer experience enhancement combined with clever sales tactics is a simple way to success. When your team grows, your organization starts to form different departments. How to make everyone keep their eyes on the prize and work towards a common goal? How to keep everyone pulling in the same direction?

Today let’s focus on two important aspects: UX and Marketing – you can’t have a brilliantly designed web product that will sell without one or the other. How to coordinate and mix the best UX practices and cutting edge marketing tactics to improve customer experience?

Click the image to see full-size graphic.
Click the image to see full-size graphic.

David Kozatch, a researcher with over 20 years experience in the field, points out certain differences between UX and Marketing approaches. What are they?

First and foremost, people have different skills and strengths. UX researchers tend to work with their left hemisphere – the more analytical and data-focused part of the brain. Whereas marketeers, the creative heads of this world, mostly utilize the right hemisphere, which is being the creative part of the brain.

This brings us to the second important difference: what is the core focus of both fields? For UX, the core focus is The User and for Marketing, this is The Customer. It may seem like this is the same – after all, they are both focused on someone who visits a website. But it’s not that simple. User Experience designers are interested in how people USE the website, how they utilize tools available on it and how their actions are measurable in a pure and quantifiable way for conversion.

Marketing, on the other hand, focuses its interests on emotions and how a user FEELS during the interaction and – what is greatly important – did he buy what the business has to offer. In essence, they want the same – better results for the website but their focus is elsewhere and ways they use to achieve it are somewhat different.

Is there common ground for UX and Marketing? The answer is Yes.
They both love to collect data.

No data – no real information. Only data can show marketers and UX researchers how they can improve performance and achieve better results, thus work towards customer experience enhancement. No matter if these are email marketing stats or click tracking results, anyone who holds the data, holds the power.

They both love to observe.

Being observant is very important in both, UX and Marketing. Being up-to-date with current trends, collecting research and drawing conclusions – these are key aspects for customer experience improvements. No matter if you want to increase sign-ups for an informative webinar or make people to fall in love with and buy shoes on your website: observe their paths and refine everything that ensures your business achieves these goals.

They love to fine-tune.

In essence: form a hypothesis, test it and draw conclusions. Then start the cycle again and improve the website until you get satisfying results. Fine-tuning can be done in multiple ways: both UX and Marketing researchers can use the same tools, but to check different boxes in their research. A/B testing, click tracking, heat map analytics, remote user testing – all of this and more is in the arsenal of a fine-tuning aficionado.

They love to see growth.

Don’t we all? Increased conversion, better sales, smoother registration process, more time spent reading blog, less check-out droppings… growth can be formed as any of these, and more. The truth is that every growth goal can be achieved – all it takes is a smart approach of an entire team and discovering the right tools which can make UX meet conversion.

The biggest issue when it comes to keeping eyes on the prize amongst various teams is: they don’t see a single common goal. Make your teams cooperate and see that joint efforts give better results when it comes to creating great user experience. After all, your team is a bunch of smart individuals who love working together (at least this should be the case) in order to achieve great things. Customer experience enhancement is a process that no company should overlook. It’s not something insignificant that just buzzes around like an annoying fly when UX people come by.

Keep everyone on the same page about the goals and:
  • Encourage open cross-team communication
  • Make it easy to share the knowledge
  • Put the whole team together to work out the best tactics
  • Provide a wide range of training
  • Focus on Customer Experience

Would you like to learn more? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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Usability Tools

Usability Tools

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