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6 years ago 5 min read

3 Ways To Increase Lead Generation With Social Media

Usability Tools

Usability Tools

According to MarketingProfs, only 40% marketers are happy with their lead generation channels and ways they are utilized. The biggest problem respondents raised was the fact that even if lead generation strategies consist of many channels, the decision-makers cannot be easily reached.

This is why finding effective ways to increase lead generation with social media is so important these days. Brands try to reach out to customers in places they can be easily found – social media.

Increase Lead Generation With Social Media – The Flipped Funnel

Have you ever heard about the conversion funnel? In the traditional lead generation process the number of people that went through from interest to purchasing something was getting smaller with every step. A traditional AIDA model works here:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

In this case the whole chain serves the purpose of acquiring customers.

Social media is a great example of the flipped funnel where everything gets reversed and starting from your social media channel the potential customer base gets extended and info spreads around. This new model is ADIA:

How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation
Increase Lead Generation With Social Media | flickr


  • Acknowledgment
  • Dialogue
  • Incentivization
  • Action

In this reversed model retention comes first, dragging new acquisitions along with it.

Increase Lead Generation With Social Media – Three Steps to Success

Lauren Blecher of describes the real problem of businesses with using social media for lead generation:

B2B marketers often peg social media as a brand awareness vehicle, not a lead generation tool. But if you haven’t given social lead generation a shot, your business is missing out on a lucrative marketing channel.

Step one: Create Great Content

First of all you should have something you can show to your audience and make sure it is the best possible quality. These days people can find anything on the Internet, no matter if they are looking for User Experience advice or killer recipes – there is always someone who has the answer. Not all answers are the best quality. Here is where you come in.

  • Think about your core audience and their struggles
  • Create great quality content that solves their problem and makes them come back
  • Make it easy to share your work

Step Two: Listen To Your Target Group

Find social media networks that your audience likes and where they are active. And then just listen to them. Using social media for lead generation can work only when you’re willing to notice what people have to say about you, about your services, about their experience with your brand and about their interests. Make use of your findings to create even better products and services.

  • Don’t broadcast – communicate with your audience
  • Answer questions and offer help and expertise
  • Follow your target group and post relevant materials

Step Three: Make Your Audience Talk and Engage Them

One of the biggest mistakes of businesses not accustomed to social media protocols make is that they are posting good content but don’t encourage their audience to speak up about it. Word can’t get spread around if there is no encouragement for people who are willing to talk about your product / service / content.

  • Make sure you ask open questions that require some writing
  • Truly value the opinions of your audience
  • Appreciate their work and share it – they will like it
  • Toss in a little extra incentive for the most vocal individuals

Don’t just use your social media presence to raise brand awareness. Make the social networking work towards your business goals and start using social media for lead generation.

Many people nowadays are treating brands as a friend, talking to them and being the most passionate evangelists of the company’s products. Make sure you channel this trend the right way.

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Usability Tools

Usability Tools

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