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5 years ago 5 min read

How Gathering Customer Feedback Boosts Sales


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We all know the importance of gathering customer feedback. But did you ever stop to think about how it relates to conversions? This time, I would like to take a look at how feedback can boost your sales, especially with the holiday season approaching.

Customer service is still considered the #1 reason customers either leave or stay with a service or brand (source). A recent study revealed that, in general, people do not care as much about loyalty to a brand, unless they have a vested interest in it. That interest can come from a simple strategy, or group of strategies which involve the customer in the process.

We are not talking about the shopping process here. They are already involved in that. We are referring to the process of making their customer experience better. A simple survey asking the customer, “How are we doing?” could be engaging. The research shows that the more customers are involved in the process of change with a company, the more loyal they are to the brand, and this will result in increased conversions from current customers.

Regardless of the feedback's tone it is always a way to get closer to your prospects
Regardless of the tone, feedbacks get you closer to your prospects

In addition, improvements in customer service also help the reputation of a business, when current customers report that their customer service has improved. Fast and friendly customer service is considered to be one of the most important reasons customers choose one brand over another, all things being equal. This is a good reason to focus on both your level of customer feedback, and your overall quality of customer service.

With the holiday season approaching, utilize social media and other means to get people to respond. More people are also home during the holidays, and many will be online shopping for Christmas gifts. This is the perfect opportunity to open up the lines of communication with old and new customers.

To optimize sales results over the long term, use both increased quality in customer service and a higher level of customer feedback to engage the customer in the process, increasing loyalty to the brand, which results in higher conversion rates. Use multiple ways of gathering customer opinions, such as a feedback box on the website or customer surveys. Don’t forget the use of social media too, to encourage interaction with your users.

Installing feedback form on your website can engage customers
Installing feedback form on website can engage customers

Communicate to customers that you care about what they think. Work on developing a sense of rapport by engaging them in the customer experience. If you ask the questions, people will respond, if they think what they say will make a difference! If they ask questions or provide you with feedback, you also get an opportunity to tighten the bond between you and your target audience. Companies today know the importance of being on multiple platforms, because that’s where the customers are. If you are there where they are, you will be their first ear to listen when they want to reach out about your products or services.

Customer feedback is your best tool to bring the customers closer to your business and increase the potential for visitors to turn into conversions.


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